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Can anyone tell ne if there is a preferred method of iodine testing please- urine or pinprick, neither being loading dose?


Just wondering if anyone can tell me if there is any difference in accuracy please between a pinprick or urine test? It seems neither involves having a loading dose first.

I'm interested in checking iodine levels and adrenal levels, before starting thyroid supplementation.

Any advice very gratefully received thank you...

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Jo5454 I can't tell you if one is more accurate than the other. I did the urine test and as far as I am concerned it definitely works.

I did the Genova urine iodine test (not a loading test) and my result was 150 (100-199). At the time I consulted with a practioner to have interpretation of other tests I had done. Part of my supplement routine advised by her was a multi that contained 150mcg iodine. I queried this and said I obviously wasn't deficient so didn't need the iodine and was told it was fine because 'it's only 150mcg'.

Because I was doing a urine thyroid test, I took the opportunity to do a combined thyroid/iodine urine test. My iodine level had gone up to 250 (100-199). So obviously the iodine in the supplement had made a massive difference and, important here, the urine test reflected this.

I have no knowledge of the pinprick test.


Hi seasidesusie thanks so much for your reply, and apologies for the delay. I did the Genova test you used plus the adrenal one yesterday. Did you consult with the practitioner recommended by thyroid uk please?

Glad you found it useful. Did you notice improvements symptom wise when you raised your iodine?

Many thanks again and good luck with your health...


Jo5454 It was not my intention to raise my iodine level at all, it was mid range so nowhere near deficient and I think the practioner was wrong to suggest a supplement containing any iodine when there was no deficiency, despite this being pointed out to her. I stopped taking that multi supplement after I'd seen how much it had raised my level and taken it so far over range.

I will PM you about the practioner but as far as interpreting the iodine test is concerned you won't need any help with that, the result will be very obvious. For the adrenal test you can check your result with Dr Myhill's article and ask on the forum for further guidance drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/Adrenal...


The iodine loading test has its critics :


Personally, I wouldn't have one. If I ever did do an iodine test I'd probably go for the 24-hour urine test.


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