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Ferratin level 8


Firstly this is such a lovely group and thank you to everyone who takes time out to help each other. When your poorly sometimes you have no one to turn too and you all understand what it feels like. Thank you .....

I had a quick few mins telephone consultation with my GP regarding my results I posted in last post and now prescribed ferrous fumarate 210mg x3. I always put my lethargy and exhaustion down to thyroid issues but they are fine at moment

My question is have any of u had this level of Ferratin with low mcv and much and do you know how long it will take for my Ferratin level to increase ?

I believe it is iron stores which are depleted and just want to feel normal again but unsure how long to expect any change

I have to have repeat bloods in 6 weeks but I hope for some improvement before then :(

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it can take many months to restore ferritin levels although some people find eating liver a better way to raise ferritin levels

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Oh nooooooo I can't eat that 😥


then you are in for a long haul

liver contains some other essential element which aids absorption of ferritin apparently


If you take Vitamin C at the same time as taking the iron it will help with the absorption and make it easier on your gut. From my own experience of low levels it can take a while to get the levels up and then a time lag of a few weeks for the symptoms to really improve so be patient.

If the levels don't go up after taking supplements then you need to ask the Dr why and ask if there is an absorption problem

Good luck getting the levels up

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No real wisdom, just my own experience. I have gone from a Ferritin of 7 to Ferritin of 32 in a year. I can only tolerate max of one ff iron tablet a day so hopefully yours will rise quicker if you are able to take the full prescribed dose. I think increasing iron is a bit of a slog!!

I also don't eat much meat and can't stand liver so I'm taking the slow route I guess!!

Good luck, i hope you see and feel improvement quickly!

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When you say you could only tolerate one tab per day - what happened? I don't have any symptoms when taking it - I do have either orange juice or satsuma at the same time tho.

Did you have a bad memory as well when your Ferratin was low? Hoping that it's the cause of my bad memory !


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