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PRICE OF T3 government possibly taking action

It looks like, at long last, the government is actually doing something about all pharmaceutical companies which extortionately inflate the price of drugs.

Article in the Daily Mail today about cancer drugs but it reads that Liothyronine could well be included in that category. Let’s pray very hard that Conconrdia get their just desserts.

I hope that link works

Quote from that article …….

“It is understood a lack of competition enabled the increases to be implemented and the Government has pledged to bring in new laws to end 'excessive rises'.

A Department of Health spokesperson said: 'No pharmaceutical company should exploit the NHS.

'We are working closely with the Competition and Markets Authority on unwarranted price rises of unbranded generic medicines, and where companies have breached competition law, we will seek damages and invest that money in the NHS.

'We are also bringing in new laws this year so we can take action against excessive price rises on unbranded generic medicines.”

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When Governments 'pledge to bring in new laws', I stop holding my breath.


Somewhat too little too late if the powers that be have already considered that liothyronine has no clinical use and patients have had it withdrawn or have not been allowed a trial. A ray of hope perhaps but how much patience are we all required to have with these bodies?


Maybe,but the incompetents/lazy who are in charge have known about this for a long time.


It's about time they sorted out the increasing pricing of cheap medications. Why should we bear the brunt of excessive pricing?

The Associations are to blame as well as I am quite sure they were pleased that they had a reason to stop prescribing T3 altogether. Never mind that it heals and also that recent research from several different reseach organisations found that T4/T3 works best for many. Associations have always denied that T3 had a benefit - they forbade prescribing NDT too, which was prescribed in the past, But when Big Pharma with it's publicity (and monetary rewards to doctors in the USA I believe) that NDT was inconsistent and levo wasn't plus all the money made from blood tests which were never done before and when doctors did as they were trained to do and diagnosed the patient on symptoms alone.


Well said shaws


Have you noticed that the pharmo companies don't supply cures, just props? It's not in their financial interests to do cures.


It's certainly not in their financial interests. Why make people well? If NDT has been in use for over 150 years, why not let patients continue taking it instead of spreading lies about it and, worst of all, lies are believed because it suits the cause.

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Yes, I saw it on TV last yesterday. Stating that there was no evidence of benefit, yet they also showed a user who said it made a huge difference.


Think I will just shoot myself now - may as well give up if one has no hope !!! :-(


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