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New and desperate

Hi everyone, thought I would seek help here because I'm not getting anywhere with GP, basically here are my main symptoms (I am finding it very difficult to cope with them now as they're increasing all the time and happen pretty much daily, in order of most bother

Extreme tiredness/fatigue where even small things feel too much, some days I fee like crying upon waking thinking of the day ahead with tiredness and pain

Constant muscle pain particularly arms and legs

Feeling freezing most of the time, when everyone else is warm, take about 2 hours to warm up after being outdoors

Dry skin which I've never suffered from previously

Inability to pay attention or concentrate and my memory is worse than my elderly mother and is getting worse

Heart palpitations

Feeling breathless on decent distance walks

Feeling very down (although more to do with the pain and tiredness than anything else)

And to top it off I have a multi modular goiter in my neck which has been biopsied and cancer free but nevertheless there, it is obvious to the eye and whether it's my imagination or not I feel like it increases and decreases in size and pain,

My thyroid function tests have came back normal again and I just can't accept this to be true, as if all the symptoms weren't enough you would think a great ruddy lump in my neck may be a clue, open to any suggestions or natural remedies or anything at all that people think they could advise, many thanks in advance x

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Did you get the actual results from the surgery? If not, then go and ask for them - they are your right.

I was well within normal range for TSH when I finally got diagnosed privately. I was sleeping most of the day, had lost my job and my relationship was foundering, all because of a refusal to acknowledge the obvious.


Thanks for reply, really appreciate it,Yes I got the actual results but gp not willing to help


What were they?

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I will have to find them in morning as it was a few months ago, will get back to you as soon as I find them


All I know without seeing actual results is that the numbers were within the ranges given to me


"well within range" is part of the problem. Are blood tests reliable? No take the essential nutrient magnesium. Blood tests measure a tiny amount in the blood and then generalise that

as being fine for the total body requirements without taking the

magnesium in the tissues and organs into account. So the heart needs 20 times the amount of magnesium as the

blood. if the heart was short symptoms like arrhythmia would

occur but because the blood test is OK they mistakenly take

the heart to have sufficient as well and look for the cause

of the irregular heartbeat elsewhere. That happened to me

once I realised that the heart needed magnesium I took it

and within two days the problem went never to return.

How is your magnesium status? Most people don't know

but are low and blood tests don't help. see youtube

magnesium for important information.


I do take a magnesium supplement but it is seriously playing havoc with my gut, I've been nearly doubled over in pain and the only thing I've hanged recently is taking magnesium again, perhaps it is the brand as I never had issues before so I will go and get another brand and start taking a decent dose again, thank you for the reminder as I possibly would have just stopped taking it x


if you look at the label on a bottle of water you'll

see the minerals that come in the water.

I am looking at a bottle of Evian I see that it

contains Calcium ca 80, magnesium 26. Sodium 6.5 Potassium,Silica, etc of course brands will vary depending on source. The reason I am given this

information is to show the minerals we need on a daily basis and some more micronutrients not stated.

Re types of magnesium,

the important point is how much is absorbed by which type by your body.

Because you are having digestive trouble I

would recommend Magnesium Chloride spray on

it avoids the digestive tract and the problems

associated with it.

Magnesium Chloride in liquid form a 31% solution available from health stores like Holland and Barrett or Wholefoods etc

or Amazon on the net and has a very high absorption rate. You spray it on your skill and rub it in. Initially it may sting a little but before

long you body will adapt and it won't sting any longer.

Don't get it near your eyes though it would be

very painful.

Start off with maybe twice the recommended

amount for a day or two. See how you get on

ease back if you find any adverse effects.

Other types of magnesium like sulphate or citrate

may have a laxative effect. That may be useful in

certain circumstances but not for everyday use.

Magnesium is contraindicate where people

suffer from Kidney failure, Myasthenia Gravis,

Excessively slow heart rate, Bowel Obstruction.

fore the average person even in high doses it

is without side effects except loose stools and

that is remedied through lowering the dose.

Good luck to you,


Ok thank you


I should also mention that despite a healthy diet and as much exercise as I can do I still cannot lose weight and currently I am around 2 stone overweight and considering the diet I eat and exercise I should not be putting on weight :-(


Weight is irrelevant in the early stages of diagnosis and treatment so try to put that issue aside. It was one of the first signs that I had and one that doctors and nurses are very quick to judge whilst not actually doing their jobs to consider root causes of my symptoms. Also be careful of exercise as this may just be adding to the pressure on your body. So be gentle with yourself.Diagnosis seems to take for ever so good luck. The forum will give you plenty of information and support so keep posting.


have you considered hormone disruptors?


No not as yet, to be honest, I got really fed up of no one listening to me that I gave up for a while but realise I can't go on like this so I have just re started researching what I can do to help myself but as yet haven't stumbled upon hormone disruptors


Try theAIP DIET, I've lost weight and am feeling much better, you also might have adrenal problem get yourself a 24 hr saliva test think it's simply supplement I got it from, gps not interested only in bloods


Yes don't mention weight at this stage. Many doctors think we are wanting a quick fix to help slimming!

Doctors have a nasty habit of telling us we are fine because we are in range but it's where in the range that is important and for many of us that is higher in the range.

So glad you have found this form as lots of help available. If you look on the Thyroid Uk site you will find loads of things to help you and if anything you don't understand then shout out! Nothing is too trivial, we have all been where you are now and understand.


Thanks so much folks, really appreciate you taking the time to help x

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Check your iodine levels. Could be you are too low in iodine and the goiter is trying to tell you that very thing. Without enough iodine in the body, thyroid hormone cannot produce and convert enough to keep you healthy. Sometimes a goiter attests to that.

If your doctor won't agree to check your iodine levels, then order the test online yourself.

We have to remember that thyroid dysfunction is mostly acquired. It doesn't just fall out of the sky and attack us. It is more that our body is in need of something it's not getting. Something that when we don't have it -- our thyroid function suffers because those nutrients are imperative to proper thyroid function. Since every cell in the body needs thyroid hormone, if we do not have enough nutrients to ensure we can produce and convert those hormones, then we get sick.

Thyroid dysfunction is hardly ever looked at in this minor way that can be corrected with proper nutrition. You would think the very first thing doctors would do is check all nutritional levels and check those against optimal levels for thyroid hormone production, conversion, and for getting the body back up to more optimal levels of T3 as quickly as possible. They won't because they are not trained to do so.

Sadly, conventional doctors will rarely tell you something that will keep you from ever having to see them again. Recurring revenue does that to some people! A thyroid dependent on extraneous hormone is just that. But it doesn't have to be!! It could very well be that you have nutritional deficiencies that are suppressing your ability to produce and/or convert the thyroid hormone you do make. I'd suggest starting by checking out what your body might be missing.

I'd start there. Continue by checking all your other vitamin and mineral levels (the most essential ones for proper thyroid function first). After that, check hormones.

It's not the fault of the thyroid. It is the fault of a weak link (vitamin, mineral, or hormone lacking) impeding the progress of normal thyroid functioning.

There's great help here for you by very knowledgeable people. So glad you're here!

Hope this helps!


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Thank you, I will look in to this x


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