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Newly diagnosed under active thyroid

2 months ago the doctor prescribed 50mg of Levothroxine as my tsh level was 10 . After a blood test last week it is completely normal. The doctor gave me the option to come off the medication or carry on and get retested in 6 months. Also the last couple of days I've had the odd heart flutter, is this a side effect? Don't know which road I should take ?

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Your TSH is now in the 'normal' range because you are taking 50mcg of levothyroxine, prior to this your TSH was high as your thyroid wasn't producing enough. Sadly underactive thyroid glands don't spontaneously recover, it is much more likely that it will degenerate further over time necessitating an increase in medication. There is also the question of whether your blood results are optimal or purely in range. You need to get a copy of your blood results and the range (the numbers in brackets after the result) and start a new thread.

Palpitations, or heart flutter can be a sign of both over medication or under medication, so posting your results and any symptoms you have in a new thread might be helpful.



Thanks . Will ask Dr for detailed results


Its not possible for the test to be completely normal from a TSH of 10 and just 50mcg for just 6 weeks

I suspect that your blood was not drawn early morning and fasting drinking only water

Plus not taking the levothyroxine in the 24 hours before the testis vital

Doctors never tell you this

If you are hypothyroid then its normally for life


Also ask if you have had thyroid antibodies tested - if these are high then cause of thyroid is Hashimotos - autoimmune thyroid, the most common reason for being hypo in Uk

Be good idea to also get levels of vitamin D, folate, B12 & ferritin checked. Common for these to be low when hypo.


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