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Low Cortisol levels

Hi everyone, I'm new to this part of the site although a visitor to another section.

I'm under a specialist at a hospital in Birmingham for severe asthma, so I'm on long term steroids, have tried many times to get off them but to no avail, anyway, my specialist asked for a cortisol blood test my own doctors rang me yesterday and told me that my cortisol level was low! That was it! They didn't suggest a follow up appointment to see my own doc to discuss meds and treatment, all they asked was when have I got my next appointment in Birmingham, I told them it wasn't until at least September, I asked them about coming too see the doc, they replied that if an appointment was required they would ring me back.

Should I be concerned that my cortisol level is low? That my doc doesn't seem overly concerned about seeing me?

Any advice would be gladly received.


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Would the use of long term steroids affect your cortisol level?? Ask your asthma consultant maybe. Take care xx


My consultant thinks that because I am on long term steroids, my body isn't enough of the natural stuff in my body. I'm wanting to get off the steroids because of the side effects, weight gain ........, this result has confirmed that I won't be able to come off them!


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