Just had letter from my go saying she's cutting my t3 as I'm over replaced as my recent blood test shows this !!!!!! Iv not had a recent blood test last one was 10 months ago so contacted my endo he said it's better for heart and bones he had emailed same email a year ago when he cut it and I couldn't stay awake and nearly lost my job ! I reminded him he done a bone scan and all norm and checked my heart and all norm my go is obsessed with cutting my t3 I went as had lump in breast she wasn't interested only talked about my t3 unreal I said this is all about money not had a reply from my endo !!!!! It's so worrying that people like me that thyroxine don't work for have to suffer I'm lucky I have it the go said if I would like to try thyroxine and t3 she would be happy to assist! I bet that would b even cheaper I'd b half dead but at least they save money !!!!!!!!!! I say why don't u source t3 abroad

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  • That's gp! Not go

  • Shazzy2,

    Contact your GP and say the practice must have confused you with another patient because you haven't had a thyroid function test in 10 months.

  • I have they don't care I'm not cutting it even thou they have reduced it and cut my prescription I have got some from the pharmacy in turkey so will replace one I've lost by that till I see endo in may don't hold out much hope of him reinstateing it thou I'm going to Greece this year so il try get some from there thank u for the advice

  • Have you had the lump checked? If not you should.

  • Yes I had to go see another doctor in my practice who arranged for a mammogram and thank god all ok thank you

  • That's good news. I couldn't feel a lump last year but looked different and I had breast cancer but early days so op and radiotherapy so glad you followed it through and delighted that you are fine. I did have a tumour but the sort that when you pressed on it it flattened. Even the consultant thought I was ok so glad I didn't leave it any longer and they did a mammogram as routine so trying to spread the word at any opportunity to be vigilant.

  • Thank god u found it I hope you recover quickly my friend had the op rebuild and treatment she got the all clear in Jan same with another friend the treatment is much more advanced now so sending best wishes and it's great ur spreading the word x

  • Thank you! I didn't tell any one at first other than close family and on a need to know basis as didn't think I could cope with people saying they were sorry all the time but then I wanted to spread the word as was told very much on the increase. I felt drawn to talk to a woman on the bus once as she had been telling me a neighbours was expecting twins and one died before birth so mentioned I'd had a lot of hospital visits and said why and she asked me a lot of questions then just before her stop she. Lapsed my hand and said I had just saved her life but I couldn't be pleased I had helped but later I thought I had to be glad that if she had a problem I had highlighted getting it checked out. It felt very strange!

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