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Hello, I'm a 53yr old female with Graves, I first had it in 2011 and then it went in to hybernation for 5 yrs, it now comes and goes regular, I'm in hospital on Thursday to see the consultant about how to treat it, if I opt for the RAI treatment is it possible to kill only part of the thyroid or does it kill all of it ??. I'm not sure I want to be under active either. It's hard to say if the flushes are thyroid or menopause as the symptoms are similar and apart from a fast heart that's the only symptoms I got, so I'm thinking of just taking carbizamole until it settles again , if that's an option .

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  • I too have graves and am also on carbimazole . I recently emailed a professor of endocrinology as my endo is making me feel pushed in to rai or a total thyroidectomy and I am not keen on either of those options as I personally think being hypo is just as bad as being hyper . I asked the professor about long term use of carbimazole as my endo seems to be against this idea . He said that the risk of agranulocytosis lessens over time and also if you are on a low dose then he thought long term use was ok. Only you can decide how you want to proceed but don't feel pressurised in to doing anything that you are not comfortable with . Just my opinion as I am not medically qualified . I hope you are able to reach a decision that you are happy with and good luck with it all .

  • I too am being pressured into having RAI as it's cheaper than having a thyroidectomy ,and personally I don't want either. I'm just happy taking carbimazole until it goes back into hybination. But that's not an option according to my consultant . I've been reading lots of questions and answers on here that's been a great help. Thanks .

  • Do you have your last thyroid test results? Have you had your antibodies tested for Hashimoto as that may explain the 'comes and goes regularly'.

    Might be worth trying something natural for the flushes, sage supplements may help and see what symptoms you are left with.

  • I haven't seen any of my tests, are you entitled to a print out of them ?? I have been taking black cohosh and sage tablets for the menopause , but the symptoms are the same as the Graves so double flushes 😒

  • I know exactly what you mean I had Graves and menopause present at the same time, it was so difficult to know which symptoms were for which as so many overlap!

    Yes you are entitled to a print out, they may charge (it should only cover cost of paper etc) or ask if you can jot them down.

    You need to protect your heart so maybe a low dose of Carb or beta blockers? How high dose your heart rate go?

  • I'm going to ask the hospital for a print out of my results in the morning, as for heart beat I go by my fit bit,the highest it got to last November was 168 bpm,that's when I decided to stop all my keep fit training as it did frighten me a little.when I mentioned this to my doc she said they are not accurate and not to take any notice ? My flushes are worse with the palpitations though., but I did refused beta say you had Graves, so what treatment did you have? ,and are you now under active ?

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