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Another clueless doctor!

Saw a different doctor at the surgery for a chest infection. He checked temperature and said "you're not running a temperature". I said that's because I'm hypothyroid and me temperature is always low. He says, "oh that's a fallacy, people with undetactive thyroids only "think" they're cold, they're not really cold". OMG! Told him that I've been taking my temp twice a day for month's and the highest it's got is 36.1. He still wouldn't budge! He then queried the TRH test for pituitary issues (to which I had no response) which indicated that I have a pituitary issue.

I just wish doctors could experience hypothyroidism for a while - they wouldn't dismiss it so easily!

Sorry, rant over!

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I expect they only think they are fatigued, gaining weight, losing hair etc. too :x


oh that's a fallacy, people with undetactive thyroids only "think" they're cold, they're not really cold

Good grief! What a load of absolute rubbish!

I wonder if this doctor is able to change his body temperature just by thinking about it. I bet he can't. But apparently hypothyroid people are super-human and can do so, and with this special talent they make themselves feel worse. Yeah, right.

Obviously, you've been unlucky enough to see yet another doctor who has been given the logic-removal operation before graduation.


Ha ha. I know, the only NHS person that I've seen in nearly 5 years who seems to know anything about thyroid disease is an opthalmist that I saw last week for TED! She was great and told me to take selenium (which I already am), but really - she's an eye specialist and knows more that drs and endos put together!!!


Hi Rita-D, I didn't have a temperature when part of my body was gangrenous! The surgeon told me this, while also shaking his head and saying 'that's impossible - but true!'. Literally nothing gives me a high temperature


OMG that's really terrible!! Hope you're OK now? Xx


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