Yet another clueless gp

Visited the GP yesterday to confirm pregnancy as I had been fretting over the weekend about how much to increase Levo dose. The link I was provided with from here said increase by 25-50 upon confirmation of pregnancy. 

I swapped my GP after Banging my head against a brick wall with my previous doctor mainly due to his lack of knowledge of anything thyroid.

So when I asked about the increase he just looked at me and said I'm not aware that anyone needs an increase during pregnancy!! Then I pretty much had to plead my case😡 He essentially google searches himself then went to confer and came back red faced and said indeed I need to increase by 50mcg.

I also asked if perhaps it would be an idea for him to refer me to endo so this could be managed properly. He said my tsh was .9 which from what I have read is good, I just don't relish this fight all the way through. He also said come back at 16 weeks for repeat bloods but the guidelines say every four weeks! Grrrr. Anyway I was essentially correctly self medicating from Friday to Monday so thank you everyone for your advice. It was as usual, correct 😀 Xx

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  • Typical ! may be an idea to just print out any info each time you go. I know they don't normally warm to 'I read it online' but once they read who has put together the article and where the research comes from etc. you might get a different response. Saves you waiting for him to go and google and you can save him the embarrassment at the same time. Bad enough that YOUR life is in his hands but your unborn child ! Scary! And 16 weeks?!

  • Exactly!  I really hope I get referred to endo or anyone who knows what they are on about. Worries me how many pregnant women have had losses due to under medication / Micky mouse gps!! 

  • Horrendous!

  • Could you contact Louise Warvill for a list of Thyroid friendly Docs to support you through this special time ..... ?

  • It is easier to deal with gps if you are simply asking them to follow NICE guidelines, as that is non controversial (unlike studies, which they may not recognise).  They could be in trouble if they don't follow NICE guidelines. I have just looked at the guidelines again to check and it says...

    Immediately increase levo while waiting for referral to a specialist (so you should insist on a referral)

    Also you are correct about a repeat blood test in 4 weeks.

    I would book another GP appointment for just under 4 weeks, and when you go say you want your thyroid levels checked as per the nice guidence.  link to the guidence - 

  • I did book that blood test before I left, just felt like I was Being sneaky doing but I'm gonna do whatever is nessesary! And I think I'm gonna push the midwife for the endo referral too. We've waited too long for this not to have a happy ending due to poor management . 

    Thanks ladies xxxx

  • When I had my appointment today with an endocrinologist and told him my daughter also has hypothyroidism he told me to warn her that as soon as she knows she is pregnant to increase her levothyroxine by 25mcg per day. I hope that is some help to you.

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