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I was diagnosed yesterday after blood test that I have an underachievement thyroid wasn't given an information on this at all it was a phn call to docs to ask the outcome of bloodtests and was told by receptionist to pick up prescription from chemist when I asked what for she couldn't tell me asked pharmast what tablets for and was told for under active thyroid do haven't a clue what this is or if there's anything I should be doing so an information help would br great thanks

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What a cheek to be advised 'over the phone by a Receptionist' to pick up a prescription.

I am sorry to say that it is not unusual to be left in the dark and I shall give you a couple of links which will enlighten you a little.

First I am assuming you are hypo-thyroid - hypo means slow so due to our thyroid hormones diminishing and they run our whole metabolism from head to toe, so have to be at an optimum level.

You will be prescribed levothyroxine and starting dose is usually 50mcg. You take the tablet once daily on an empty stomach with one glass of water and wait about an hour before eating.

Blood tests should be taken every six to eight weeks and an increase given. Always make the earliest possible appointment, fasting (you can drink water) and leave 24 hours approx between last dose of levo and the test and take afterwards.

This method allows our TSH to be at its highest point as it drops throughout the day and the doctor might adjust unnecessarily. (thyroid stimulating hormone) which is from the pituitary gland and rises to try to flag our thyroid gland into producing more hormones). It rises and then we are diagnosed and given hormones (levothyroxine) to bring TSH down.

Always get a print-out of your results with the ranges for your own records and you can post if you have a query.

Also ask GP to test B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as everything has to be optimum.


Thankyou for the advice sorry about the typing why do I have to keep blood results and does the symptoms settle down with the medication thanks again


When you get to an optimum dose - one which suits you and relieves all clinical symptoms - that should be your dose, for a unless symptoms return.

You don't have to keep your results if you don't want to, but sometimes, personally, we want to refer back to a certain date and dose we were taking at the time. Also, if you'd like members to help with advice, we also ask for the results and ranges otherwise we cannot assist if we don't have basic information.

Many people feel well when they reach an optimum dose of levothyroxine.

Because hypothyroidism is classified as a very serious condition if untreated we, in the UK, do not pay for any other prescriptions we may get for any other conditions.

There are serious consequences if we don't replace thyroid hormones which are needed in our billions of receptor cells, T3 in particular which is the only active hormone. Levothyroxine is inactive and it has to convert to T3.

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its utterly vital you always get copies of results and keep a file because thats the only way to understand whats happening and spot problems

very few doctors know how to correctly treat hypothyroid so its vital you learn all you can and monitor your symptoms closely

you are likely to find going gluten free or lactose free also helps


Hi just reading some of the symptoms of this illness have had 3 heart attacks due to furring of the arteries at 40 have asked doctor since late 30 to check thyroid am now 55 and just had vascular surgery have also 4 stents in my heart might not be related but for the last year have been asking doc and heart consultant about severe heart paLatinos why do you think the docs were so resistant to thyroid testing will be keeping all test results and being more vocal about this can't believe iv suffered for yrs and could have had some help thankyou again


oh dear oh dear so often Hypothyroid presents with heart issuesi am staggered that no one has picked on it before now its sheer negligence


Thank you for advice went for a scan in my 30 as I was sufferings migrants radiographer told me had a small thyroid and to get it tested docs resisted and decided not to testake don't know if symptoms iv had is anythING to do with thyroid but starting to get a clearer picture now does the weight gain settle and will hair and nails return to normal again thanks for advice


Welcome to the forum! You have found the right place for good advice assadly doctors just think you take a little pill and it works! I doesn't always and there are thinks to do and also. It today. Knowing how to take the meds is a very good start.

This forum is run by Thyroid Uk and if you look of there site there is loads of info to help you understand more and a few does and don'ts as well.

There is also a long lists of symptoms but it's a list of things you might have so do t let it frighten you. It is worth printing it off though and ticking you symptoms. You might even find something your doctor is treating you for separately that is actually down to your thyroid. It can give you symptoms anywhere in your body which is why the list is long. But make a note of them and see how they improve as you get nearer the best Bose for you.

Always get a print out of your results and the ranges as the ranges are important as they can differ from lab to lab and then you can post them for advice.

Nothing works quickly in the Thyroid world. I'm hoping that now you have started on medication you will have been told to retest in 6 weeks. It takes about this time to get each dose to maximum level in your body so you should get retested to see if you need an increase and should continue like this till you reach the dose that's good for you. All increases and decreases should be in 25 mcg And you may find that your dose is somewhere between two so you could either alternate them or use a pill cutter to cut a pill in half.

Let us know how you progress and of cause ask any questions.

Hope you soon start to feel a little better.


ThankYou for your reply I feel a blind in all of this I haven't a clue to what I'm doing but starting to get a picture of what I win need to do from now on again thankyou the support is really néeded just now and I am extremely grateful for it


Hi was at docs today refused to give me test results although was told was on t3 as it's low the no 8 was mentioned and was told the 50mg of levothyrxine was enough my glucose was a bit high so have to go for more tests a fasting one still have no idea what he's talking about with thyroid it's all gobdlygouk to me so any information would be great


Hi Mary, you should really make a new post with this information as folks will have moved on from here.

Jo xx


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