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Been referred to an endocrinologist finally

Hi I've posted before last few weeks I've finally been making head Way with my gp - I'm very slim have classic hyper symptoms but up until now have been classed sub clinically hyper and watch and wait - most recent results not sure exactly but now I'm referred.

I have pcos and have had ovarys and everything else out before Xmas with no relief in any of my symptoms other than not getting recurrent thrush anymore and pain/bleeding.

My symptoms are memory (very bad 3 yrs now) ibs - everything goes thru me

Tingling hands feet more recently arms legs shivers sweats dizziness clumsiness brain fog acne and feel rough headaches muscle cramps and spasms night sweats (hrt not making a difference they keep hoping it) but this was happening before hysto

My dr has referred for urgent mri telling me not to worry about brain tumours (I have been diagnosed with anxiety since a still birth 3yrs ago) lol!

Ok so she said she's just ruling that out and suspects jts thyroid 0.7 with one of the t's at top of range and b9 folate at 4.5 b12 is 334


I keep having back trouble constant dull back ache keep locking up half way up and keep waking up with a stiff neck that takes days to rectify then tends to go back down hill again with the slightest thing... taking codeine and methocarbamol to minimise the headaches and release the muscles in my neck/back

I was referred for physio completely separate to my thyroid? Memory issues balance etc..

the physio asked me lots of questions came to the conclusion she wants to see mri of my cranial nerves (she asked if I had pins and needles balance issues memory etc??? ) also bladder one of the reasons for hysto was keep getting urgent need to go when don't really need to and nearly don't make it - my bladder isn't full (happened during an ultrasound had to go and radiographer said my bladder was only half full) 3cm cyst taken at time of hysto but still having same urgency frequent need to go -

Ok so now the dr and physio (2 I thought unrelated issues) want my brain mri - can anyone come up with any ideas of what this could all mean or has any experience of anything similar I feel so fed up with it all and I'm just at the point now I just want to know what's wrong with me

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