Help with T3 how best to take

I was seen by an excellent Endo in Lincoln . 1.5 hr appointment and clear plan addressing all issues not just Thyroid related! He apologised for the medical neglect and mistreatment I have recieved over the years. I have been on beta blockers for years instead of what I needed T3!! Evidently this beta blocker suppresses the effect of thyroid meds!!I went to Dr with Hypo symptoms and they treat me with something that makes my actual condition worse! Is writing to my GP to educate them!

I do need help how best to take T3

Levothyroxine reduced from 200/ day to 150 and told to take 1 20 mg Liothyronine at same time . Two days and my heart pounds after I take the T3 . I read somewhere about cutting the tablets up and spacing taking thru day.

What has worked best for you?

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Split the 20mcg tablet into 2 x 10mcg doses. Take the first 10mcg with Levothyroxine and the second 10mcg 8-16 hours later. T3 does raise the heart rate an hour or two after taking a dose but it should subside within an hour or two. If your heart is still pounding reduce dose to 2 x 5mcg for a week or two and then increase to 2 x 10mcg.

I used to split my T3 into morning and bedtime doses.

Thanks again clutter

Sarahpk I reduced Levo by 25mcg and added a quarter of a T3 tablet. I was taking 175mcg Levo at the time. Mine are 25mcg (self sourced) so that was 6.25mcg. So I took 150 Levo/6.25mcg T3. I left it a couple of weeks then increased the T3 to 12.5mcg so 150/12.5. I left it a while then went to 125 Levo/18.75 T3 and eventually 100 Levo/25 T3.

When I added the second quarter of T3, I split into morning and afternoon dose. Eventually I tried it all together and as it didn't make any difference that's how I take it now, all at once with my Levo before getting up in the morning

As your heart has been pounding, maybe it would be better for you to start lower and build up gradually. Don't forget if you are getting T3 on prescription, your GP will be looking for any excuse to say it's not working or doesn't suit you so he can save the money.

Unfortunately only private prescription GP refused to even discuss! Ended up at a private Endo on list given by Thyroid UK .

This happened to me too when I first started T3, I still split my dose to this day, but for the first week I was having a racing heart. after the first 2 weeks my heart completely returned to normal. I was actually looking forward to the T3 raising my heart rate a bit as I have a slow heart (around 45-50 resting BPM), first week of T3 I was registering between 80-95 on average, and even sometimes up to 110 (I was really worried at the time)

If you split doses of T3, remember your stomach has to be empty as food interferes with the uptake.

Thanks everyone!

I am not medically qualified but I'd take 100mcg of levo and half T3 (10mcg) together for a few weeks to see how this affects you then you can add a quarter at a time until you take the 20mcg. Sometimes when first introduced (T3) it is absorbed rapidly and heart can feel the effect. Once absorbed and into your receptor cells, the effect of T3 lasts between one to three days.

All thyroid hormones have to be taken on an empty stomach. Due to being hypo our digestion system is slow and food can interfere with the uptake, so that's why it's best to be taken on an empty stomach. I know some do split doses but it's a nuisance if you've to remember when to take it and empty stomach.

Whatever I've taken, and I have had every combination and hormone available but am well now on one daily dose of T3. Go to the date January 30, 2002 on the following link.

Congrats on getting a T3 prescription!!

Could I just ask you who your Endo was please? You can private message me if that's what's allowed. Thank you & lovely to hear somebody having a good doctor! Hope you will getting better soon :)

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