Regular night sweats with hashimotos

Morning all

I wonder if anyone has any experience or advice regarding regularly waking up in the night suddenly drenched in sweat. I had it a few times before I started on levo in October. But now it's happened weekly during March.

Last night I had to get up and towel down, and then shivered myself back to sleep.

If anyone has any advice to help avoid this or explanations they'd be gratefully received.

Best wishes


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  • Yes, Alice. Until recently I woke up 2 or 3 times a night drenched in sweat. Then purely by chance I discovered lowering my protein intake completely solved the problem. God knows why.

  • how interesting. I didn't think mine was exceptionally high but might be worth looking into. Glad it worked for you.

  • Plokmijnuby,

    Night sweats can be caused by menopause or by B12 deficiency so ask your GP to test.

  • Thanks Clutter. I feel like I might need to get private tests done for b12 as my doctor has implied I shouldn't be back till my 6 month check in June.

    Also as a 23 year old I'm hopeful that it's not the menopause!

    Thanks for the article!

  • Plokmijnuby,

    Okay, it's unlikely to be menopause :-D

    Your doctor might imply s/he doesn't need to see you about thyroid until June but that doesn't mean you shouldn't consult for other issues.

    You can order private blood tests via

  • I know you are only 23 but you still could have an imbalance in your sex hormones. An imbalance would definitely cause night sweats. I'm older than you so I know mine were a result of menopause and now that I am properly balanced (I'm on an estrogen patch, take oral progesterone and apply a transdermal testosterone cream), I no longer have any night (or day) sweats.

  • Any idea how I might get those tested? I am on contraceptive pills so it may be a factor.

  • It's a blood test. Your GP, endo or OB/Gyn can order it. You would test for estrogen levels, testosterone levels and progesterone levels and how the numbers relate to each other in the time of your cycle.

    Your birth control could def be a factor and could be throwing off your balance of hormones. Have you discussed the sweats with the doc who prescribed the birth control?

  • I haven't actually because I've been in this type of birth control for a year and the sweats seemed to appear as I was getting diagnosed with hashimotos.

    I'll make an appointment and ask for a blood test this week! Thanks for the advice

  • Thyroid hormones and sex hormones are closely intertwined so when one is out of whack or affected by medication, the others can be as well. Best to get things checked out.

  • Yes for sure. And want to make sure I'm in tip top condition for pregnancy in a few years time

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