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Antibodies results - Hashimotos in remission?

When I was first diagnosed last March I tested 7.73 iu/ml (originally I was told 773 so not sure what measures or range they were going by) and later in May 6.46 iu/ml from a range of 0-1.0.

Last week I d tested 1.0 so no further action required was stated by the lab. It's great to know my antibodies have come down so much in a year but I do still have symptoms and breakouts of thyroiditis.

Can you still get sick and get symptoms even if your within range with antibodies or does this just show your hashimotos is under control, but I'm still suffering with hypothyroidism? Can you get hashimotos to go into remission? And if so does this help with hypothyroidism?

I think this must be good news but I like to understand all my test results. Thanks

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Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism are separate conditions. If you are able to put Hashimoto's into remission it won't undo any damage already done to the thyroid and it won't reverse hypothyroidism.

I used to have euthyroid Hashimoto's but it was thyroidectomy which made me hypothyroid and without a target thyroid to attack Hashimoto's burned out.


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