Mercury Pharma levothyroxine in short supply again

Anyone know what's happening with this brand please? I had to stick with it because the Actavis one made me feel awful. Pharmacist is phoning round to try and find the 25mcg ones but last year she had trouble getting 50mcg. She did get 185 loose ones that I now get in a bottle instead of blister packs but pretty sure that supply will soon be running out.

I'm feeling quite scared at how I will be on the Wockhard ones that seem to be the only one they have.

So grateful to have this site to turn to in times like these. Thank you to anyone that might be able to help x

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  • SilverLady5,

    Contact Concordia customer services for help

  • Thank you Clutter x

  • Do post back with what they tell you, please.

  • Another pharmacist at the same pharmacy has phoned to say she will try and track tablets in other pharmacies for me. Many thanks for your help x

  • Don't miss that there is also Teva levothyroxine (new formulation) available in 25 microgram tablets.

    (Not everyone gets on with it. So just information rather than recommendation.)

  • Thank you helvella for your advice and info

  • This is an issue for me also but my pharmacy cannot get 100mcgs

    It seems to happen at least once a year.....I gradually ordered my repeats a day or two early each month until I built up a spare weeks worth to buffer me ( as this week ) hope they get them soon !

  • Thank you ellj this is certainly a problem and not one we need x

  • Thank you to all who replied to me. Asda pharmacist found me some Mercury pharma thyroxine this afternoon so I'm very relieved, she helped me last year too, one who goes that extra mile to help 😄 😊

  • It appears the Mercury Pharma levothyroxine has been discontinued, replaced with Teva brand.

    That is if I am reading correctly.

  • There is no evidence that Mercury Pharma (Concordia International) have withdrawn from the market.

    Call them:

  • Have called, had to leave a message.

    Will update here when I get any info.

  • Update.

    Have contacted Concordia who confirm that Mercury Pharma are in stock and not discontinued.

    Teva is also available but is NOT replacing MP Levo.

  • Thank you very much for posting back.

    What you have said is exactly what I thought was the case - but I have no special knowledge! Just have been round the loop of someone, somewhere telling a member that a product isn't available, never will be available, or whatever, too many times. :-)

  • Asda pharmacy told me Mercury pharma are changing their name but thyroxine will be the same formulation. I wonder!!

  • MercuryPharma have already changed their name - to Concordia International. Have not heard they are rebranding their products, but it is obviously a possibility.

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