drug availability in the UK for hypothyroidism?

I am due to see an endo for the first time after my bloods have gone haywire all of a sudden after 7 years of taking levothyroxine.. and also had an horrific xmas having panic attacks anxiety...

was thinking it may be the new formula from teva that may have done it as started around same time as i was put on the new formula.. not sure now as been on the actavist brand for 2 weeks and still have mood drops and some anxiety!? so confused..

hoping for answers from the endo...

anyway does anyone know what other medication there is in the uk on the nhs other than the levo? or any the endo will prescribe that i can pay for? tia x

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  • Kez1984,

    It can take up to 8 weeks for Levothyroxine to wash out after you stop taking it so Teva is probably still in your system after 2 weeks.

    Mercury Pharma, Actavis (also known as Almus) and Wockhardt (25mcg only) are the other generic brands in the UK. Liquid Levothyroxine is also available.

    Liothyronine (T3) can be prescribed on the NHS by an NHS endo but some health authorities have banned it due to the extortionate cost. A private prescription will cost £258+ for 28 x 20mcg tablets. It is far cheaper to buy Greek, Turkish or Mexican T3 without prescription.

    NDT isn't licensed for use in the UK so isn't usually prescribed on the NHS. Most members using NDT have a private prescription or buy online without prescription and self medicate.

  • there are a couple of enlightened Endos who know the value of NDT

  • ReallyFedUp,

    Well if you know NHS endos who will prescribe NDT why don't you send Kez1984 their names and contact details via PM.

  • Thanks for the great info! I have been off the teva 5 weeks now, as i stopped taking the levo altogether for 3 weeks....

    Im really hoping i dont need the t3 and that my bloods went haywire because of the teva or something else or that i cant tolerate levo and i can get NDT instead...

    Just hoping for a good explanation from the endo of what has happened to me..

  • Can we get synthroid prescribed is that different to levo? Have been looking online and some say they would much rather take syntroid as levo makes them crazy!...

  • Kez1984,

    Synthroid is Levothyroxine. It's not available on NHS prescription. You could probably get it on private prescription.

  • whats the difference is it made slightly differently or is it the same just like a different brand?

  • The really big difference with Synthroid is the marketing budget.

    It has managed to push itself into market dominance in the USA.

    I have read USA patients who have preferred Synthroid. I have also read of many who would far rather have, say, Unithroid. Or, now it is available, the gel cap Tirosint.

    Some USA makes have disappeared over the years - some deservedly from what reports on them have said. But I don't think there is anything different about Synthroid that makes it fundamentally a different medicine. Just like Wockhardt, Actavis, MercuryPharma and, now, Teva, some people find one make intolerable, and another make fine. Others have completely opposite opinions.

    The most annoying single thing is that so many people make Synthroid appear to be something other than "just another levothyroxine".

  • Furthermore, although things are complicated, when the USA FDA demanded that all levothyroxine product licences be re-applied for as if new medicines, Synthroid didn't even manage to be first in line to achieve that.

  • i will always do that but not much use if Kez lives in Liverpool or whatever

    it helps if posters at least state which county they are in

  • Hi im in nottinghamshire, but will be attending a lincolnshire hospital to see the endo... if u can help that would be great!

  • It would also help if you actually replied to the response (rather than the original poster).

    You click on the GREEEN Reply button at the bottom of the response. (Rather than typing into the text box headed with a BLACK Reply.)

    You could always ask the poster which area of the country. Or send the Private Message anyway - I doubt many people would object to a helpful Private Message even if it ends up being an inconvenient location.

  • I do normally click on green button but sometimes my tablet wont cooperate

    i always PM any requests

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