Tiromel problems?

Good morning. Has anyone found Tiromel by Abdi Ibrahim to be weak lately? I opened a new batch this week and had to double my dose. I was out shopping and suddenly felt tired. I had felt tired for a few days but had attributed it to the usual suspects, low iron, low cortisol, low vit b12. And sent for test kits. Suddenly I was convinced it was the T3.

The number on the side of the box is 16B 594 and the date is 08-2017.

I will email the supplier of course but just wondered about anyone else.



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5 Replies

  • Joeyis7,

    I was using that batch in Jan/Feb and didn't find it weak.

  • Thanks, Clutter. I took two of my 'old' batch this morning and I feel fantastic! All I can think and hope is that it was imagination, but how strong my conviction was! However now I think on....

    I also took some liquid iron last night ( which I haven't since October as Blue Horizon test showed overdose) and I took a spray of B12, which I'd left off ditto as it was over range. But that was 5 months ago, can vitamin status drop so quickly?

    Heaven forbid a twice yearly vitamin test, once a year is expensive enough!

    At least I have today feeling great and I'm off to the shops !



  • Joeyis7,

    You can't overdose on B12. It won't harm you if B12 is over range but high iron isn't good for you.

    Red blood cells take 4 months to die off and renew so if you didn't supplement it is entirely likely B12 and iron could be low.

  • Thanks Clutter, you are so knowledgeable.

    I will add the supplements again, but cautiously. I went overboard before and with vit D, as I dreaded that old doom-laden dragging tiredness coming back, a feeling I'm sure all of you will know. Keeping the balance is wiser.


  • Just wondered how you got on with your tiromel. I've just received it for the first time as I can no longer obtain my usual uni-pharma. I've still got a few weeks left before I start tiromel.

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