Chronic diarrhoea

I have had chronic diarrhoea for three days now. It is not food poisoning. I am taking 100 mcg of levo which is self prescribed from the 75 mcg my endo had me on. I felt 'better' when I started the increase 3 weeks ago; I no longer know the true meaning of that word. I ahve lost 7 lbs in that time too. Has the thyroxine found a high level and is now making me hyper in my digestion/body etc?

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  • Archaepon,

    Being over medicated can certainly cause diarrhoea and weight loss. The sooner you arrange your thyroid blood test to check the better.

  • Thanks for your kind replies. Sorry to have posted so many times. (I am guessing that my GP will diagnose food poisoning as an initial diagnosis.) I will have to book a blood test for another day; it won't be done as I am in the surgery. Unless he is used to taking bloods. This ain't much fun again.

  • Drinking San Pellegrino or Volvic sparkling waters may help to alleviate symptoms due to high levels if silica.

    Hope you soon feel better ....

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