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Feeling low

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Hi I have lowered dose of T4 because I felt so hot especially at night .

Not so bad now and it helps to get some sleep .

I am however feeling very tearful all of the time ? Is that the result, is this a common thing .

Rock and a hard place comes to mind

Feeling a bit sorry for myself .

I guess a blood test in aboug 3 weeks ?

I dont know what I would do without this forum to come to. Bit lonely trying to cope best I can

Guess I know thd answer Its how I/you feel , best guide.

Maybe crying is better than hot all night πŸ˜’

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Oh bless you that really tugged at my heartstrings, I have been in that awful beaten-dog place emotionally (I think that is a distinctly low-thyroid feeling and I can hear it sometimes in people's posts here). I feel for you.

May I ask what dose you were on and what you're taking now? Were your bloods quite close to the high end of the range when you last had them done?

It may be that you reduced a bit too much. Maybe try alternating doses instead, and/or taking levo at a different time of day


Did you take your temperature to see how high it was. I often felt very hot but temp hadn't moved at all.

Low thyroid interferes with everything and it's no surprising so many feel under the weather and there are so many clinical symptoms too.

Your blood test should be the very earliest, fasting (you can drink water) and allow 24 hours gap between last dose and test and take afterwards. Ask for Free T4 and Free T3 to be tested (probably wont but you can have it privately if you can afford it). I'll give you a link and read about FT4 and FT3.



If we are on an optimum of hormones we should have no symptoms :)


Big hugs Gcart πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— Balancing meds is the pits! You will get them right, hang in there.

Thanks everyone for connecting , it's a comfort to me.

Have just come back from a family dinner with 2 little grandsons, busy little people, lots of fun. However the sadness lingered, it's like I suppose having a cold. The sy,proms cannot be denied. Imagine, telling someone wth cold symptoms that they aren't happening. Oh, I guess I not sure how to explain the difficulties.

Punctured bicycle , I was taking 75mcg T4 and 18mcg T3 or 3/4 of the 25mcg

My temp was 36.6 or 36.7 consistently

I went to 50 mcg T4 and 3/4 T3

My temp is now 36. 2 or 3 .

I am amazed how consistent it is in both cases. I think that is very telling When we are told "in range is ok" .

I wondered if without a thyroid I am on quite a low dose anyway, but have lost the place as to what feeling "fine" is. It's been a long haul.

Have some relief from feeling quite so hot at present. πŸ™‚

I did have some room to up my dose on the last blood test. My course now ?

Thank you for your care I felt xx

I'm wondering if 50/75 might work for you. Or 50/50/75 or similar. It may just be a matter of a tiny tweak before you feel a bit better. I feel much better on t3/t4 but it is infinitely more complicated than just levo. Have you posted your last results on another thread? I'm interested, they might say a little more about what to do next.

I totally understand that feeling of doing something nice and fun and enjoying it but still w that lingering background of sadness. I think your description is very apt re having a cold.

Whenever I am suffering or feeling at a loose end I find being here very helpful, even if only to commiserate or sympathise. And all the info is invaluable too.

Thanks for thoughts I had no idea T4 T3 was a bit more complicated.

I will post last bloods when I have Ipad not this phone


Forgot to say being here does give the comfort of a group

Hi PB BH blood test done in Jan this year

CRP. 1.00. < 5.0

Ferritin. 70.5. 20-150

TSH. L 0.01. 0.27-4.20

T4 total. 71.9. 64.5-142.0

Free T4. 13.28. 12-22

Free T3. 4.74. 3.1-6.6.8

Ant peroxide abs. 6.5. <4

Anti globulin. 14.8. <115

Vits d. 70.

Vit B12. 1062

Folate. 34.95. 8.83-60.8

I was taking 75 T4 . And 3/4 T3. (25mcg) from Greece

I have dropped to 50 T4. And now not so hot, especially at night .

Had a few episodes of palps then but not every day now, so better.

Supplement b12 and b complex. Also D magnesium and k2

Would you still advise as last post having read these ?

Hope your itchy bites abate soon and thanks for your assistance.

Such a kind forum. Never seen anything t is not kind πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ˜˜

TT cancer so low TSH is fine

Would it be a route to slowly drop T 3 and try T4 only.

Early test showed conversion not too good

Wondered now vits are better that has changed and taking T4 would be less complicated.

Advice is good but I guess its up to me to trial and error 😳

My gp is on board to test T 3 by the way . He knows I buy abroad


Stourie in reply to Gcart

If you aren't good at converting then I wouldn't go t4 only. I used to have night sweats until I cut out the t4 and went t3 only. I take 80mcg at bedtime.

Jo xx

Thanks Jo. Certainly relate the that , will just carry on where I am, and get a blood test .

Not an easy course is it. Xx.

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