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Why I no Longer use T3

I originally stopped using T3 as my supplier stopped selling it. I had a think then and as I have no idea what my thyroid status is and whether or not I could benefit from T3 supplement I am not happy to take it without someone monitoring it for effects.

Interestingly I was on T3 last year and was still taking it right up until I collapsed with multiple organ failure followed by a cardiac arrest and coma. I wasn't being monitored because I couldn't find an NHS doctor to do this and until I do then I wouldn't touch T3 with a barge pole

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Liothyronine is not a supplement; it is a powerful thyroid hormone and in my opinion should never be taken without monitoring blood levels. I am very fortunate because my gp and my endo monitor me, but I also monitor myself! Also, liothyronine does affect the heart so I would never advise anyone with heart issues to self treat. In my opinion, it is a wonder hormone, but to be treated with respect.


Totally agree with what you are saying. I think I got carried along with all the success stories. No-one locally will prescribe t3 for me nor monitor my blood levels. The only test I get through my GP is for my TSH which is about as much use to me as a chocolate teapot.

My heart issue wasn't diagnosed until after my cardiac arrest...I have heart failure due to a faulty valve and am still waiting to see a cardiologist (more than a year on)

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Sorry you had such a bad time GosportNancy. Was taking T3 the cause of your collapse?


I haven't had a follow up since I left hospital on April 1st last year. I have had 2 echo scans only no treatment nor follow up appointment with the cardiologist. I was prescribed T3 in the ICU and sent home with some only when I ran out I was told a further prescription wasn't needed as the T3 was prescribed to stabilise my condition while in a coma

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T3 (or any thryoid meds) should not be medicated without knowing thyroid status. Members whose doctors can't//won't test their T3 levels use private labs to assess their thyroid hormone levels. (link below)


Private labs testing


Thanks. I already know where to buy the tests but would want a medically trained doctor available to discuss the results. The last time I tried to buy T3 from a supplier recommended here they asked me not to tell anyone about them and that their parcel would arrive with a customs label with the contents described as something else as they wanted to avoid the package being investigated at customs. If I disguised the contents of a package I could be prosecuted


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