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Wish there was someone who could help us


Its a long story but my sister who is not even forty has the health of a 70. She just had cpr sensitivity test that came up as a 10t she has hashimots , and hypo and. Hyperthyroid disorder. she has the auto immune disease. Vitaligo.border diabetes' heart disease and. A hernia on her stomach close to her heart that they put a mesh in but now has started growi ng these brown lump masses accross her stomach at. A fast rate the drs dont know what it is but its making her weak and she says its headed right for her heart. I dont know what to do. Its as if the medicine she has taken hasnt been working the last few years as if a lon g term untreated thyroid problem. I took her temp and it jump almost two degrees and bavk down within a ten .in time. Frame.has anyone dealt with this. Kind of thing ? LET ME Kn OW AND THANKS

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Have you any of your sisters recent thyroid meds you can post? Don't forget the ranges as they vary from lab to lab. That might give us some ideas as to what is going on

What medication is your sister taking? Also, what are her blood test results? Hashimoto's and Hyperthyroidism? Autoimmune diseases can come in clusters.