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Synacthen test...help!

I have had my synthensen test and it has come back with base line- 166 and after an hour 623...I had to ring for my results but the lady told me I have been prescribed fludrocortisone...after looking this steroid up I'm guessing I have to see the doctor before starting to take this medication!! I was told the doctor will contact me today but hasnt..can someone telk me about my results? synthensen test was done at 2:00 on a cancelled appointment 😕 Thank you guys.

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I can't comment on the treatment but my reading was around 1pm as they struggled to get any blood out of me. I queried the time it was taken but I was told not to worry as there was a chart that enabled then to transpose to what the result would have been had it been taken at the correct time. I have no idea if this is correct or even possible.

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Hi lillylu

I can't comment on your results but I have Addison's disease. I'm prescribed flurocortisone to replace the Aldosterone I'm not producing in my adrenal glands. This increases my blood pressure (which is very low on untreated Addison's)

Not sure if I'm helpful 😊

Hope your doctor takes time to explain


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Thank you!

My blood pressure is also really low...I have looked the medication up and quite worried...do you feel much better on it? Or do you have bad side effects? Thank you for replying :) my symptoms have been fainting alot- 7 times since September... im exhausted...can't sleep! I'm hoping the medication will help!


I've been unwell (in hindsight) for many years. Up until recently I blindly accepted what doctors told me and that their treatment was the best for me...I know different now

I haven't looked up the flurocortisone as I think that's my only option. I don't think I have any problems with it. I do feel a lot better in recent weeks, but I think that is due to my thyroid situation being better...and that's down to taking the advice from this forum (medication and supplements)

I hope your doctor can explain your test results why you're prescribed the flurocortisone. The standard dose for Addison's is 0.05mg (I'm on 0.1mg as I was still light headed, though never fainted)

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