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We'll i still don't have the results from the lab on my better thyroid panel, however i went to my Dr with ER labs and he said "you need to go to a kidney specialist, I'll try to get you in ASAP!" And I'm gonna have him look for Sjogrens, And my allergy test finally got approved! So i go tomorrow!! Wooeee! Thanks all for your help and advice do far i will post the thyroid panel asap! I don't know what's taking so long, and i am getting a new Dr as of the first!

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  • Inmyfeels29,

    I hope everthing turns out well with the kidney specialist and allergy tests.

  • Thank you so much! Everyone here is so helpful and supportive no matter what, loves to all!

  • Hello again Inmyfeels29.

    I'm fairly new to this site. Only just found your last post! Relieved to hear you've seen your Dr as I looked the following morning after my last reply and couldn't find anything from you! I've just learned how to search a member! It's great news that you're seeing a kidney specialist ASAP- well you may have seen him/her by now. Hope they get you on the right treatment real soon.

    Best Wishes


  • Thank you mary! I am alkyl over the place, just trying to figure out all this stuff, i have such confusing labs and symptoms! I am still waiting on the referral to even go in, i hate this doctors office so glad I'm changing! I also desperately need to see a rheumatologist, as i seem to have an inflammatory issue, but wondering if that could be fibromyalgia, i should look intothat, but the one they refered me to is booked till may 11th, i will be calling to see about cancellations and on Monday will contact my case worker again to see about expedition of the process, in the meantime I'm finding out my new allergies, so far the outdoor test said I'm very allergic to grass and molds so i ordered an air filter hepa, i howour helps me sleep, thanks so much! I appreciate you!

  • Hi again Inmyfeels29

    A rheumatologist once diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, but I feel that is the least of my problems. When I looked it up I read that it used to be known as fibrositis. Well, I was told I had fibrositis decades ago.

    Well you're Dr said he's going to try and get you in with a kidney specialist ASAP - let's hope he succeeds and they get you sorted out.

    Good to hear from you.


  • Yes Mary fibro sucks, i seem to be super inflamed tho recently in everything, and so many foods seem to make it worse! Especially in my sinuses, i tried gluten free pasta yesterday and i felt so awful after for like 12 hours, i get my food allergy test soon to see if there's an actual allergy to anything but i suspect an autoimmune or inflammatory condition add the underlying problem, and that inflammatory foods are exacerbating me, on Monday I'm calling my case manager and asking about a nutritionist, i don't know if i need any diagnosis or can just tell them how i feel, thank you so much for your support and advice and just for caring! I wish i could be more help to people right now, i hate feeling completely useless. I must go follow you now my dear, loves

  • Well, no matter how you feel you are certainly NOT completely useless. You are ill, it might take time, but you are making progress and will be seeing the right people and getting sorted.

    When I'm feeling really ill or low or useless - the best thing I can do is rest a while and look after me!

    Sure hope everything comes together soon


    Mary x

  • Thank you Mary! I hope so too! I can't wait to get my air filter! Sunday! I sure hope i can get some sleep till then, that's my problem, i can't reallyrest very well the thick mucus and hard sinuses and extreme muscle and joint pain make it so i can only sleepwhen I'm on the verge of passing out :( but you understand I'm sure! Thank you sweetie! Loves!

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