Hot feet at night making life a misery - what can I do?

I cannot sleep at night because my feet are just too hot. Initially my feet may even be quite cold but then all of a sudden they're just burning. I noticed this since probably last summer and this has carried on since then. I've been trying to sleep with a fan directed on my feet. I've even been keeping a bucket of cold water to dunk my feet in during the night but nothing really helps. This has carried on throughout winter. I cannot sleep properly and often wake up during the night several times to cool my feet down. At the same time I feel awfully thirsty and I'll sip on some water, go to the loo and then try and sleep.

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  • Look up Gillingham Barre syndrome. How's your b12. I'm taking loads of vits and b12 and mine have stopped burning.

  • Guillian, spellchecker

  • My B12 was over 2000 when tested in January. Prior to that when I never supplemented it was around 800. My B12 results have always puzzled me.

  • I no longer have foot pain since d3 and k2. It was he'll, I would wriggle my feet to find a cold bit of sheet. I started wearing socks to stop this as I couldn't find a cold spot. Poor you its awful.

  • I don't have any pain it's just that my feet are too hot and I can't control how warm they are. I am taking a D3 but haven't started K2 yet.

    Glad you've found a solution.

  • I have the exact same thing, dry mouth and burning feet. It's a low cortisol symptom for me as I get the shakes in the morning when it's bad and very low blood pressure. The only thing hat helps me is licorice root capsules (raises cortisol).

  • That's interesting, my cortisol is on the high side.

  • "Initially my feet may even be quite cold but then all of a sudden they're just burning."

    You've perfectly described what happens to me!

    I frequently get burning feet as well. Sometimes my feet aches so badly, as though I have spent the whole day walking or standing around in uncomfortable shoes. I only ever wear walking boots when I take the dog on the beach, or flat comfortable shoes. I always get these symptoms when I am in bed.

    There is Burning Feet Syndrome which can be linked to Hypothyroidism

    It does say that lack of B vitamins can be involved, my B12 is around the 1000 level and I supplement a maintenance dose, plus I take a B Complex. I also take D3/K2, plus magnesium, plus a good multi mineral supplement.

  • This link is to an oldish, but still useful PDF about causes of burning feet syndrome

  • It's so bizarre but as soon as I get into bed I'm actually trying to predict when my feet will get too hot. I've been switching the fan on in advance and keeping my feet out the duvet even if my feet are cold to begin with but I can never stop it from happening. It's bizarre how its just during the night and not a problem during the day. I don't get any pain though. It's just preventing me from sleeping and I feel awful today which isn't particularly nice when the weather is so lovely and you'd rather be outside. I see why you call yourself SeasideSusie and I'm guessing you must be on the beach today :-D

    I remember in the past during winter I used to sleep with two sets of pyjamas, a blanket over my duvet and a hot water bottle as I couldn't warm myself up. My feet were the worst. I had to massage them to warm them up and now they heat up in no time!

    I've got the Thorne Stress B Complex but I haven't got the guts to take it because its so high strength. I might just have to give it a go. I'm taking 5000iu of D3, need to start K2 and 225mg of Magnesium a day.

  • Serendipitious, This can sometimes be caused by a histamine reaction. If you haven't already tried antihistamines, get some generic cetirizine and take one as soon as you wake with the symptoms.

    If your feet also go very red as well as burn, then it could be erythromelalgia. Thyroid disorders are common in people diagnosed with erythomelagia, although as far as I know, there's no documented research to show a direct connection.

  • I have Hashimotos and also sometmes get the hot burning feet you describe. I have no idea why it happens but my best solution has been to take a COLD hot water bottle to bed. It is such a relief to be able to put my feet on it. 😀

  • I also have I raised antibodies. That must be Hashimotos. I have tried a cold water bottle before but I think it warmed up during the night. I might try filling it up with water and popping it in the freezer for the a few hours. Thanks for the tip!

  • Or crushed ice in the bottle with the water. 😀

  • Excessive cooling can severely damage the tissue of your feet - or any other part it comes into contact with. What might be perfectly acceptable and tolerable for five minutes, could cause injury in half an hour, an hour, however long it is in contact with you.

    Remember, just like with chilli peppers, the feeling of heat does not correspond to actual heat.

  • I see your point helvella but then the alternative is that I lie in bed unable to sleep and in a state of panic and frustration because I'm too hot. I felt absolutely awful today and unable to function.

    The articles that redapple kindly posted point towards hypothyroidism as one cause. I've tried to take T3 and it gave me terrible insomnia. I'm waiting for a few days for things to settle down and then I'm going to increase my Levothyroxine. I do think this has started since my GP lowered my Levo last year. GPs and their fine tuning of the TSH! Grr!

    Thanks for your concern helvella. Ill be careful and I'll wrap the bottle in a sheet or something.

  • Believe me, I do appreciate the predicament.

    Just found a brief and seemingly sensible item about cooling and precautions:

    There are bound to be others out there.

  • helvella thank you I will bear all of that in mind.

    Trust me I'm intolerant of the heat as much as I'm intolerant of the cold so I doubt I'll use the cold water bottle more than necessary. Now here's to a good nights sleep! 😴

  • Ooooh ! Gosh. Thank you for that helvella ...didn't know that. In my case I am a restless sleeper...or an insomniac so don't think my feet would be on the cold bottle for any sustained amount of time....just enough to cool the hot feet feeling down....then I move them.

  • Rather than using a fan or a bucket of cold water could I suggest that an easier solution is to buy a hot water bottle and fill it with very cold water, even some crushed ice if you want to. You can drop it at the side of the bed, or push it to the end of the bed, and then put it back at your feet when you need to.

  • I've just filled up a hot water bottle with water and popped it in the freezer for a few hours. I must remember to take it out before bed! :-D

  • Just remember that water expands as it freezes. Be careful you don't burst the bottle. If you do, and don't realise, when it starts melting you are going to have a very wet bed. So only half fill the bottle.

  • Yes when I said I filled it, I didn't fill it to the top. I'll check on it in a short while and take out some water if it's expanding too much.

    I was such a happy bunny yesterday as I had a decent nights sleep the night before, but last night was awful. I really hope this cold water bottle helps. Thank you humanbean.

  • Good luck Serendipitious .....hope you slept.

  • I slept better than the night before which is an improvement.

    I'm still tired which is probably due to a sleep deficit. Using the cold water bottle definitely helped. I would only put my feet on it if for a few moments as and when I needed to. There weren't any water related disasters thankfully.

    Quite surprisingly the bottle remained very cold until the morning which was just what I needed.

    Thank you for asking bernie51.

  • just be a water bed if the bottle burst. Giggle giggle. 😀🤔

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