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Hi guys again,

So still awaiting any contact from my endo...was put straight back on 50mcgs of Levothyroxine after 2 wks of stopping meds but after watching The Thyroid Secret and reading Dr Peatfields book ! Ive looked back at my prev clinical hx and noticed FT3 was carried out a few times. Here are the results and ref ranges:

FT4 16.8 (ref 9-20)

FT3 1.3 (ref range 1.1-2.8)

FT4 23 (ref 9-20)

FT3 1.1 (ref 1.1-2.2)

FT4 16.5 (ref 9-20)

FT3 0.9 (ref 1.1-2.2)

FT4 18.6 (9-20)

FT3 1.1

So am i wrong or do things figures suggest im a poor converter??

Thanks in advance,


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  • louise52 Were you on the same dose of Levo for all those tests? Were they all done under the same conditions ie first thing in the morning after an overnight fast and leaving off Levo for 24 hours.

    Your FT3 doesn't seem to be moving much at all despite the very high FT4 at one point so does indicate poor conversion. It's a strange FT3 range though, are you in the UK? I'd be tempted to do a urine thyroid test to see what's getting through to the cells.

  • Hi and thanks for reply...as far as i can remember i was on same dose but not 100% certsin as i didnt know T3 was neing tested or the significance although the last result i had was 7yrs after initial dx so im sure i was on 100mcgs then yes. No im in Republic of Ireland not UK. Ive had T3 done in last few wks with endo but she hasnt discussed results with me yet. Im going to email secretary and see can i get a copy of last few results sent to me. Tks for replying.

  • Louise52,

    These results indicate poor conversion.

    FT4 23 (ref 9-20)

    FT3 1.1 (ref 1.1-2.2)

    The others left scope for an increase in Levothyroxine to raise FT4 and FT3.

  • Yes Clutter thats what i thought after only recently hearing about poor converters on this site. My blds are crazy at moment with high TSH and high FT4 so im interested in seeing what the FT3 is as when i suggested poor conversion she said No your FT3 is ok but i never saw or heard actual result.

  • Louise52,

    You really need to wait until thyroid levels are stable and then test TSH, FT4 and FT3 to determine whether or not you are converting well.

  • Thanks for that....well i was taken off Levo for 6 wks but as i felt so dreadful blds were done at 2 wks and i was phoned and told to go back on 50mcgs. Still feel horrendous and can barely fxn but on a plus side my anxiety has decreased. So i reckon it will be a while before my levels are stabile as i was on 100mcgs mon to thurs and 125mcgs fri to sun before my thyroid went awol!!

  • Louise52,

    You have to wonder why these doctors think a patient taking 100/125mcg will manage without any Levothyroxine :x

  • I know!! I was supposed to be off for 6 wks for a reset!!! I couldnt fxn. I was so ill i couldnt get out of bed and had crippling migraines 24/7. Im only on 50mcgs 2 wks now..still feel awful and have to spend half the day in bed with severe headaches nevermind chronic constipation...zero temp regulation not that i ever had that in control before any of this but you know what?? Sadly for the last 14 yrs i put up with the dry skin eyes always tited freezing cold thinking it was acceptable or even normal as im hypo. Only after everything went bang last yr i see i was never properly controlled but looking at my blds they were up and down..never really stabile as i was led to believe!!! Grrrrrr. I just wish i had taken more ownership for my health yrs ago and it might not have got to this!!!

  • many of us blindly just went with what the dr said, thinking they were highly educated and knew all the complexities of thyroid, so don't feel alone....after years just like you we start saying wait a minute, something is not adding up...and like you, we start searching for answers....Realizing the vast majority of drs just don't know how to treat the hypothyroidism bec they go by a test created for t4 only meds . NDT used to be administered to how you feel from what I have read , then they invented the synthetic t4 and created this lab test and using it to test no matter what you are on has also created more confusion for the drs who don't even know that. Yet on t4 only meds, they also don't even understand it all so soooo confusing for the patient in pain.

    I don't know this to be true but I read that the vast majority of drs only get a hour or two training in thyroid conditions in medical school because the concentration is on diabetic training because that is where the money is and patients for endocrinologist and drs. Can you believe that...a hour....that explains a lot. I even went to sseveral drs that were hypothyroid themselves but knew nothing about taking t3 or ndt.....that sort of proved it or reading ft4 ft3....they all pretty much just go by tsh only and fear going below 1 or 0 regardless of the free t3 t4

  • That range you quote for FT3 (1.1 - 2.8) indicates that you have not had an FT3 test - but a Total T3 test.

    What were the units? nmol/L ?

  • Oh im not sure...T3 tests were done a good few yrs ago so were prob total T3 alright!! I will get FT3 from endo...prob is ive never really had FT3 done only TSH and FT4 ...until last yr all dosage changes were based on above tests by my GP. So im only with endo a short time and have had abnormal results with high TSH and high FT4 the whole time!! I know she has done at least 1 FT3 and qhen i queried that was told it was in normal range. Although considering my FT4 is at top/ outside of range i would expect FT3 to be upper range as Clutter and GreyGoose explained!!

  • looks like your not converting at all

    i think you need t3 only not lrevo or even NDT

  • Thanks for reply!! Awaiting clarification from endo so hoping she has some answers for me that can move things on and i can return to some level of functionality. Having 3 kids of 3 6 and 8 no fun with a non fxning mummy!!

  • your GP should see that your t3 is incredibly low and simply phone the endo

    its ridiculous you need straight T3 liothyronine

    since clearly your body cant convert t4 into t3

    maybe due to DIO2 gene

    dont wait around go and diplomatically bang on desks

  • My gp is no good...im actually a medical scientist so i usually inform her of my results and what i need...but ive been so unwell for last yr she has just been out of her depth. Im seeing an endo and she has sent my blds to Oxford for testing. I live in Republic of Ireland so not sure of availibility of any meds bar synthetic T4 here!!

  • you should be able to get liothyronine even if you have to import it yourself

    theres no way on this earth that levothyroxine is any good for you

    members of this forum know sources of T3 they will tell you where by PM

  • I might have to go down that route alright. I was thinking going to Dr Peatfield as i feel my adrenals might need support too but i see on amazon his recommended adrenal complex has been pulled??? Scared at the thought of self medicating if im honest

  • all my lot self medicate without problems you just need to follow the correct protocol

    doctors know zip mostly

    start taking at least 2000mg of Vit C spread through the day to support adrenals

  • Thank you fed up...love your user name by the way😉

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