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Recommended supplements?

Hi all I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago been on Levo100mcg since and starting to feel much better. I don't need as much sleep and brain fog is lifting I have bought the book root cause and started to read however I wondered what people would recommend I begin taking now supplements wise, I have always suffered with IBS and allergies although I've always described these as quite mild and manageable I eat as clean as possible ie nature's foods very rarely red meat and have switched my bread and pasta to gluten free. I currently take a wellwoman multivitamin and nutrition fx (plant based eostragen) for hot flushes but am getting the idea my guts need some support? I do eat a lot of natural yogurt?

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Ask your GP to test ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate and write the results and ranges in a new post and members will advise whether you need to supplement.

Folate may help with hot flushes

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