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Moving to North Northamptonshire and need a consultant that really understands ThCa and all that goes with it

Hi! I moved to Northamptonshire and looking for a specialist in Northamptonshire/Leicestershire. I had thyroid cancer (both Papillary and Follicular) 2 years ago, along with a Pituitary adenoma still under observation. My current consultant is really good and am driving back south at the moment. It is not a viable long term solution and looking for an equally good consultant/specialist in the Northamptonshire/ Leicestershire area. Happy to go private.

Thank you!

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Ask your current specialist who s/he recommends. You may need a pituitary specialist rather than endocrinologists.

Email for a list of member recommended endocrinologists.


I looked for a pituitary specialist but I am still being treated for the ThCa, I need someone who isn't a tick the box consultant when it comes to the drugs and me.

The current specialist in the Consultant ENT surgeon and head and neck oncologist, plus is up to date on thyroid research, which is a real plus.


Hi littlel I had th same thing. Papillary and follicular . Had TT last year. Also pituitary adenoma , non functioning.

The surgeon said that it was unusual to have two different types in the same thyroid gland, were you told that ?

How do you do?

Sorry can't help with your enquiry, I'm In the West Country

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Hi! Hope you are doing well now!

My surgeon said it was rare but not the first he had seen. The good thing is they are treated in the same way.

The bonus was I was treated early and just as new research came out saying I was in the range RAI would make no difference to my life expectancy. Hopefully that won't change and I am two years down the line.

With the pituitary adenoma, they think it is non functioning but I am scanned every 6 months.

Good luck


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