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Thyroid Help Please!

Hiya, over the last five years I have found out that my levels have gradually increased until in January I was informed by my GP that it has started to climb above "acceptable" levels. I've since had a follow up blood test & im confused as to whether my Gp will act further on them.

I have been suffering with a neurological condition for five years which has gifted me with, amongst other symptoms fibromyalgia, me/cfs, weight gain, dry skin & thin hair which I understand could have been exaggerated by Hypothyroidism. If this is the cause of those symptoms then I know I would be able to compartmentalise the rest of my "Gift" and try to adjust who has control, it or me!

Can anyone shed any light on my results below please, I would really appreciate it?

January results T4 17.3, TSH 5.89

Current results T4 17.7, TSH 4.03

Thank you all x

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3103Cookie Were both those tests done under the same circumstances ie at the same time of day, with or without food?

When having thyroid tests it's recommended to book the very first appointment of the morning and fast overnight (you can have water). This gives the highest possible TSH which is what is needed for a diagnosis.

Do this every time so you can compare results accurately.

As your TSH has gone down it's very unlikely that your GP will act further. He will be looking for a rising TSH and a below range FT4. He may be waiting for your TSH to reach 10 which many doctors now do.

Do you have the reference ranges? They vary from lab to lab so they're needed otherwise we're guessing where your level lies. Was your TSH of 5.9 above range and now at 4.03 I imagine it's within range.

It would be better to have a full thyroid panel to include




TPO antibodies

TG antibodies

You could also be low in nutrients, so if you've not had them tested then ask for

Vit D




If they've already been tested, please post the results with reference ranges for comment.


Hiya, I did fast for the bloods in January but was told it wasn't necessary for the ones this week so I had had breakfast and at least a couple cups of tea.

TPO antibodies <33 (0-60.00 IU/ml)

The ranges for both tests are listed below and I can confirm my Vit levels are fine & all within ranges although I do take a maintaining tablet daily of Vit D as previously it was extremely deficient. Thank you again for your help

T4 range (12.0-22.0 pmol/L)

TSH range ( 0.35-5.50 miu/L)


3103Cookie Your TSH in January was over range. Your March test was to see if your high TSH was a one off or whether it stays over range and is climbing. Eating lowers TSH so if you hadn't had breakfast it would have been higher, plus as you'd had breakfast then it possibly wasn't the earliest appointment of the morning (before 9am??) Which again would give a higher TSH than later in the day. A second high TSH may have prompted your GP to do something.

Whoever told you that you didn't need to fast was wrong.

Your TPO antibodies don't indicate autoimmune thyroid disease, but it's possible to be negative for TPO and positive for TG.

Your FT4 isn't too bad, but it's high TSH that gives you a diagnosis.

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Your doctor is an absolute gem. Get rid saap.


I did get rid of my previous GP & now I am with a fab doctor who is working really hard to get me the support I desperately need.


Did you actually see the results of your vitamins and minerals that were fine ? Docs often say fine - when they mean in range. Where you are in the range is KEY.

How much VitD are you taking ? Dif your GP tell you about taking VitK2 MK7 and Magnesium - both co-factors of D3.

You really need to know the FT3 result - it could be low - indicating a conversion issue and the cause of some of your symptoms.....


Ok I'll check & come back to you thanks x

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