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Update from yesterday with private result and gp

Ok I was asked to see my dr after I complained of still having night sweats and feeling cold palpitations and memory problems - he ordered bloods he's off for a week so saw locum - she asked why I was there? πŸ™ˆ I said because I was asked to come in about my thyroid result

She said it looked low but the t3 and t4 are fine so we would leave it :( (see symptoms from yesterday's post) I asked if I could have a referral as I feel my symptoms are thyroid related after 6 different gps have all said the same in the past and left it but I've not had a normal thyroid result once since they've checked it always low but they say it's ok because the t3 t4 looks fine - so they still think I'm an anxious wreck looking for a problem

It's always been them querying my thyroid based on symptoms getting frustrated as just want to know why I feel like this

So have a referral but told me be prepared for them to say it's fine just monitor it


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TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is a pituitary hormone which responds to circulating T4 and T3 levels. Your TSH is low because your pituitary gland has detected sufficient levels of T4 and T3. There is nothing wrong with a low TSH. My TSH is targetted <0.1 but has been lower <0.01 for 5 years.

Thyroid antibodies are negative for autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's).

I do not think you have thyroid dysfunction.

Night sweats are usually due to menopause or low B12. Your GP can do blood tests to check both. Folate should be checked along with B12.


Low ferritin/iron can cause palpitations so ask your GP to test.


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