Tailbone - lump?

I am really worried about this.....I have what I think is a hard bony lump on my tail bone but it could actually be my tailbone, I'm not sure, just that I can feel it under my skin and when I sit I have this kind of ache around there. Of course I googled it and came up with all sorts of worrying things, I've had it for around 6 months now, it's no worse/bigger or pain wise, it's just there and on my mind all the time.

Scared to go to GP as I don't want a rectal examination and I have a huge phobia around hospitals, just wondered if anyone else has this kind of bony protrusion or should I be really worried?

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You might want to search for Pilonidal cyst.

It was the first thing I researched, however this feels like bone not a kind of cyst and it moves with the bone when I move, pilonidal is a hair follice that gets infected I think.....

HI Sounds normal but if worried ask the gP.


When you say sounds normal....can you feel yours protruding?

Hi Yes because very thin. You may have bruised it, easy to do.


I'm not think though :( I have had this for about 6 months and can't recall any injury which makes it worse!

* thin

Time to ask the GP.


Too sacred to do that, I know they will want to do a rectal examination for a start

I am sure it is fine but best to be sure. It could be a prolaps of the bowel.Do make sure, all everyday to a doctor.


You could start by visiting a chiroporactor or osteopath, if you can find one who will take a look at it for you. But you really should see your GP. Ask if a nurse can be present if you need an examination. As I once read about smear tests - leave your dignity at the door.

Hi Gillybean129, just spotted your old post, did you resolve your tailbone pain ?

Not sure if it is the same as mine, but I resolved mine by taking 5000iu of vitamin D3.

I was found to be vitamin D deficient, Doctor gave me 1000iu of D3 and my tailbone pain felt far less, but returned by the end of the week. A TUK member said try a higher dose. for doses and info check out = www.vitamindcouncil my tailbone pain and stiffness in my bum, hips, legs all went overnight, if i forget to take my D3 it comes back with a vengeance in no time at all. my mum said I looked as though I was getting old too soon. I can now leap up out of bed in the morning and bounce up out of chairs without moaning and groaning now.

Not sure if this is the same as you have Gillybean129 ?

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