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Harcombe Diet - Impressed!

Has anyone else done this diet with good results?

I started Phase 1 last Saturday after reading about it on here actually. Today is day 5 and I have lost 5.5lbs.

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid (since found out it's Hashi's) last year and was finding it hard to lose even a pound no matter what I did, so am really pleased to see that this is having some results. Phase 2 starts tomorrow!

Thought I would pass on the good news it really is worth a try :-)

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Hi Syd35,

I've not heard of this one before. Do you have a link you could share with us? Anyone else found this good for them?

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Hi, sorry don't have a link, after I read about it on here I borrowed the book from the library, it's called The Harcombe Diet 3-Step Plan by author Zoe Harcombe.

Yes I have been hungry some days but when I commented to my husband that I was starving one day he brought it home by saying "you're not really" and that made me think about those who are truly starving and got me through my hungry day.

I want to try going gluten-free and this is a good step in the right direction as the first 5 days are virtually gluten-free. I don't feel hugely better in myself yet but it's early days and the bloating has gone and as I said, very pleased with the initially weight loss. I would like to lose another 10lbs to get back into the health bmi range.

Will update again for anyone interested in how I am getting on.


Zoe Harcombe has some very good articles on her website that are worth reading. Sadly, her newer stuff is only fully available on payment of a fee :


She was one of the people who was called in the defence of Professor Tim Noakes in South Africa when he was put on trial for advocating a high fat, low carb diet. (His trial is still unresolved.)


Zoe Harcombe also has a website devoted to her diet.


I've never studied it so I don't know how much is freely available and how much has to be paid for.


I struggle all the time. Very frustrating. I've never heard of this diet. Well done

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Thanks Soph, give it a try it might just work for you too :-)


I'm open to ideas it's nice to hear people achieving stuff. Did it come with recipes etc

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Hi Soph, yes it has some sample recipes which has given plenty ideas so far. I believe there is a separate recipe book too. Always handy borrowing from the library if you are not sure about purchasing.

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Zoe also has some great opinions about cholesterol on her blog/website too ....


Have just posted an update on this for anyone interested in an update - wasn't sure whether to post update on this thread so have started a new post. Cheers!


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