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Low Dose Naltrexone and where to get it?

Hello everyone,

I have Hashimoto's, and have recently had a weak positive to celiac.

After watching the Thyroid Secret, I would like to get myself on LDN.

Can anyone advise me on where to get it? I am in the UK.

I have done some research, but found that there are quite a few charges - telephone consultation, writing the prescription, etc ... which is about right :-(

The Thyroid Secret said it was cheap - has anyone managed to get it cheap? Or found a reasonably cheap route?

Neither of my endo's prescribe it.

Has anyone on here done well on it?

Thank you.

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You could try for more information and I believe there is a HU LDN community. Click on My communities and select +Browse Communities and type LDN into the search bar.

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Thank you Clutter :-)


I just love the name, my granny always said "redhat no draws".

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Haha. Thank you - the name speaks volumes, well about me anyway. :-)


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