Low dose naltrexone

I've found some older posts about LDN but I can't find anyone who is reporting improvement in their Hashimoto's, nor can I find any clinical evidence to support its use in Hashimitos - if anyone can point me to clinical or even anecdotal evidence I'd really appreciate it. LDN certainly seems like it could be worth trying (certainly according to the LDT websites!), but if it lives up to the hype I'm surprised that intrepid Thyroid UKers haven't been all over it like a rash!

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  • Thanks Londinium I shall look at these - of course I'm hoping its not hype, it just surprised me how few folks with Hashimotos seem to use it as there is little chatter about it here.

  • Hi Londinium, was that the right link? I couldn't see the videos and it seems to be an old one. I did take a look at the websites at the bottom of that post and feel rather uneasy about them. I'm not writing LDN off as snake oil just yet (though the huge list of disparate diseases it is purported to help suggests it!), but still looking for some credible clinical or strong anecdotal evidence of its efficacy for Hashimoto's...

  • I contacted the StarThrowers charity about a year ago. They know about LDN and I think recall mention of LDN research place they knew about

  • Thank you Ghana, I've researched more now actually I'm not taken with what I've seen. The LDN sites seem very professional and have all the right sections, but dig around and there appears to be very little substance.

  • Hey Londinium, maybe you didn't see my reply to you further up in the thread? I think you gave me a link to the wrong post - I couldn't find any videos, nor did I find the document you mention, don't misconstrue me, I have a truly open mind - post the links to your videos and particularly the clinical paper you mention as I really would like to see them😀

  • Hi I have been on LDN with improvements for 6months my antibodies reduced moods improved and overall energy levels.

  • When I was on a new diet pill in the states called Contrave, which is wellbutrin 90mg with Naltrexone 9mg I noticed my head to toe body aches disappeared. When I stopped the pill they came back right away.  I have Hashimotos dx diag. By subtotal thyroidectomy 2nd to a large goiter.  I am going to restart this med as it is easier than trying to find a docvto prescribe it.

  • Thanks Suz, as it happens I decided I would try it, and when I'm on it I don't get ant Hashimotos flares, when I ran out (and neglected to get a repeat prescription), they came back! Not exactly scientific, but enough for me to keep taking it!

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