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Still having problems my thyroid T4 is low .28 i think although everyone says if you on T3 they should test T3 which they dont, both my endo and dr say its low but within range and dont want to up it as it will increase my hot flushes. ???????? I commented that someone on here (i cant remember but you might know who you are) suggested the i test vit B12, the dr said my symptoms could be low iron, and i said oh and maybe B12, so he tested my levels (havent got the results yet) but my folic acid low and he has put me on 5mg a day. I take 150mg T4 and 5mg t3 and hrt patch evoral 100 since i have cut that in half my hot flushes have stopped, is this a coincendence ive no idea whats going on, any ideas.

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Do you have copies of your test results with lab ranges? You're right that your t3 should be tested when taking t3 (telling them this over and over is the only way I manage to get mine done).

Not sure what they mean by increasing your hot flushes except you'd feel hot if you were on too much thyroid hormone - ? Of course this isn't a good reason to be on too little! :-)

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