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Too Much or Too Little?

I'm very confused by my symptoms and don't know if I need more or less NDT. I read all the advice on STTM and other sites but it seems many symptoms can be on both sides. Last bloods were free T3 5.62 and free T4 15.2. I do have high cortisol because I stress I guess. I have awful insomnia, extremely dry eyes (particularly overnight), I can feel fine and do moderate exercise, then crash, skin is very dry, high bp (not high enough for meds) but low when I get up after sitting a while, cold hands but often too hot, with hot flushes. Temp can be 36 first thing and occasionally even mid afternoon. Hypoglycaemia, craving rubbish like crisps or sweet things, alcohol. My weight is gradually getting higher and higher. Sometimes a hand tremor. Weakness in upper arms and legs. My heart rate is fine and no palps. The insomnia is the worst. I take the ndt in 2 doses or first thing and early afternoon. Sorry for so many posts but my endocrinologist wasn't helpful.

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Hi - what are the ranges for your test results? Without those under or over is only a guess, but you do sound under-medicated to me. Also how are your nutrients? xx


What doses are you taking and is your stomach empty when you take those two doses.


Do you stop the NDT 12 hours before the blood draw?


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