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Root Causes of Hashi's

I wondered if there is anyone out there that have significantly brought down TPO and the attack on the thyroid by a) taking Thytrophin PMG; b) identifying triggers (if so what were they); c) dealing gut issues; and d) through supplementation (which ones). I am on a mission to be in remission! There is a lot more information out there now on how patients have managed to reverse their auto immunity and I would like to know people's experiences? Thank you Sally210

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see episode 3 of Isabella Wetz's "Thyroid Secret"available free til 6pm tonight.Cold Laser Therapy looks intriguing.

Many report going gluten free works for them


thanks naomi will do as I am following them...


I've been watching the series, too. Hadn't heard about low-level laser therapy as a treatment before. I did find this (albeit small) study.

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From 2012 until now my antibodies decreased from 2150 to 330 without doing anything. I took selenium in the last 6 months. 3 years ago tpo was 660. I read somewhere that this is normal after years of illness. Unfortunately my condition is as unbearable as ever...


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