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Worried and confused

So due to swelling over right collarbone my dr sent me for blood tests and an ultrasound. Blood results indicated hypothyroidism. Today I was told by scan man having a look all over my neck and above both collar bones "you don't require a thyroid scan what you can feel are large lymph nodes". He would not say anymore just to call my GP tomorrow to get results. Can issues with thyroid cause supra clavicle swelling?

Any advice appreciated xx

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Yes it can - I cant remember why - but it is definitely thyroid - mine actually pulled apart and piggy backed on to each other - big lump which eventually went - no pain............had X ray - consultant said he was amazed by it...............


Thanks for your reply, I saw my GP today for results of ultrasound and my thyroid looks fine and no swollen. The swollen lymph node is something else so I've had more blood tests and a chest X-ray done today. On Monday depending on the results I will be referred on to figure out what is causing it. That lovely old waiting game begins!



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