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I have upped my Levothyroxine to 100 mcg a day from the prescribed 75 mcg. I take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I am doing this because it feels 'right' for me. I have been tired, sleepy, with joints aching also confused with memory loss. My last blood test was in July last year (16) and showed a good level of TSH and free T4. Replies to my previous post indicate that these levels may have dropped over the year. What confuses some of these issues is that I have ME and a mental health condition; so these feed in to any 'cure' that might exist.

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  • It could very well be that your ME and mental condition, are caused by low T3.

  • Hi, Thanks for the reply, ME possibly, though that, ME, was diagnosed in 1995 after a bout of sarcoidosis : still with me as it lays dormant. The overall MH aspect is because I am a survivor of sexual abuse, so that can be ruled out in relation to Hashi's. However constant bouts of low mood may well be a thyroid related thing and a result of a T3 loss. Thanks.

  • It's well-known that abuse victimes - either sexual or otherwise - go on to develop thyroid problems in later life. So, there is a connection.

    And there's also a connection between sarcoidosis and autoimmune thyroid disease. These things are all linked together, although most doctors refuse to recognise it.

  • I think you've done the right thing. How we 'feel' is the best indicator if our hormone dose is good.

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