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Hi all, really hoping someone can advise me. Ive Hashis Hypo for 14+ yrs and was stabile enough on 100mcgs of Levothyroxine. Last year i went into early menopause and since then and starting hrt my thyroid has gone crazy to say the least.

10.2.16 TSH 0.79 FT4 19.4 ref 0.34-4.84, 9-20pmol/l

4.5.16 TSH 1.89 FT4 22.6

5.7.16 TSH 12.38 FT4 17

24.8.16 TSH 7.19 FT 15

11.1.17 TSH 10.21 FT4 23.7

2.2.17 TSH 14.96 FT4 19.3

15.2.17 TSH 10.8 FT4 24.8

Any advice greatly accepted. My endo said this usually only happens in Coeliac disease but id gone gf in last few wks so my TTG might be normal or in thtroid hormone resistance which is very rare. Im off hrt and thyroid meds 3 and 2 wks respectively and am very unwell.


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It's a bit alarming that the endo has no idea why this is happening.

Just out of curiosity, did endo explain what coeliac has to do w high tsh/high t4?

Would you be willing to eat gluten again to be tested?


No she didnt but yes of course id eat gluten if it helped to get a dx and resolve this issue..


Some people are gf to reduce antibodies but don't notice a difference in symptoms, others feel so much better it may not seem worth a diagnosis to go back to eating it. I think you need to eat something like the equivalent of 2-3 slices of bread a day for six weeks for the test to be accurate but someone else may correct me.

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