No weight gain with UAT

All my life I have been slim. I eat well but never put weight on. It may sound good to some but since diagnosed hypo 4+ years ago I find it really hard to gain any weight. I am on 175mcg levo and really unwell with multiple symptoms so just starting out getting as much info as possible, bloods, supplements and investigating NDT. My question is are there any hypo people out there who are underweight struggling? I feel isolated by my weight when most people complain of struggling to lose it. I am 56'7" and 8 stone.

Thank you

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  • Hello

    Your not alone ! I've found cutting out sugar actually helps ! Nuts I know . Good luck

  • Hi Skybeardie, I am sure that one of the Administrators on here is the same as you, underactive and unable to gain weight, I'm sure he/she will reply to you.

    Just chuckled to see you are 56' tall!

  • Skybeardie,

    There are a few hypos on here who are low weight and struggled to maintain weight. I lost weight when I was switched from T3 to Levothyroxine. I don't have much appetite so gaining weight has been a struggle but using My Protein Hardgainer protein shake helped me gain a few pounds.

  • Sorry, am 56 years old and 5'7"!

  • I'm the same, I've been slim all my life and have never had much of an appetite, only gained weight on certain meds (muscle relaxants then hydrocortisone), then lost it when I stopped the meds and look worse than ever due to stretched skin. I'm 5' 7" and today tipped the scales at 7st 8lbs which I'm pleased with. Over the years I've had comments ranging from "how wonderful it must be to be so slim" to downright rude ones like "aren't you thin, why don't you eat more".

    I've been seeing a nutritionist to check if anything was really wrong and she found I was intolerant of gluten, flour, eggs and don't digest lactose - all the usual culprits. I had a lot of inflammation according to her original tests, which is now going away on a careful diet and I'm hoping to get up to 8st by the end of this year! I was diagnosed as hypo by Dr Skinner and take 2.5 grains of Thyroid-S. You are definitely not alone and if you find a way to gain weight which also involves healthy food please let me know :)

  • I was talking to someone about weight gain who is a nutritionist yesterday, she suggested adding coconut oil to any food I can as it is very healthy fat and they use it for bulking in anorexics and anyone who needs to gain weight. I am off to buy a bottle!

  • Oh thank you for the suggestion. I've been told by a friend that a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice taken before meals helps as well, and it did for a while, I shall try both :)

  • Bless you, Thanks for your response. People just don't get it. I too have had all the 'flattering' and down right rude responses. It's frustrating and isolating. I have been trying whey drinks but little weight gain if any. I too will see a nutritionist, I love my food but it just doesn't show!

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