Coffee benefits for hypothyroidism

I have just read an interesting article on the health benefits of good coffee and thyroid health.

The article showed results from an American study so I didn't automatically dismiss it.

Info From: (hypothyroidism revolution)

If this is true, this is pure wonderment for me as I love my 'daily grind'.

Anyone else heard this?

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  • Not impressed by Tom, I'm afraid.

    First sentence:

    In the not so distant past, coffee has been put through the ringer.

    It is a WRINGER, Tom!

    (That just annoyed me - it obviously doesn't affect what he says about coffee.)

    The New England Joirnal of Medicine he quotes comes to no conclusion as to whether coffee is simply associated with lower mortality, or might actually be a cause.

    My conclusion on coffee is that some of us seem to gain some benefit from drinking coffee, some seem to do worse, and for many it makes little real difference. Pretty much like everything else - horses for courses! (It is also quite difficult to fully control for things like arabica versus robusta, added milk (hot or cold), cream, sugar, sweetener, green versus roasted, etc., in a real world analysis.)

  • Thanks for your thoughts.

    So you've heard of this chap Tom before? Would you say his site, hypothyroidism revolution is a little bogus?

  • He's been mentioned/discussed several times here:

    Seems a bit full of clickbait, adverts and such like. Doesn't mean everything is bad - but not to my taste. So I won't be spending long enough there to make a full and fair assessment. :-(

  • It reduces the efficacy of THs, so I have my daily mug late morning, so as not to clash.

  • I no longer drink coffee after about 3pm and I take the meds when going to bed or in middle of night.Cannot manage without caffeine in the morning.

  • Interesting! Have you found taking your meds at night has helped any symptoms? I presume its levothyroxine? I tried it once and was very restless all night for two nights, although I loved the fact you can drink and eat earlier when you do so.

  • Yes its T4 and I have found no difference. For a year or so I took it when on the middle of night walk for a pee, then whilst on holiday found it more convenient to take when retiring so kept it up at home.

    It also means I can take my beta blocker in the morning .

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