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Graves success story :-)


Hello all, just want to give anyone doing a search, a little bit of hope!

I was diagnosed with Graves last (end of) August 2016 after a stressful period in my life. My symptoms were typical, elevated heart rate (110-120), shakiness, tremor, anxiety etc...

I was diagnosed with a T4 of 51 and prescribed 40mg Carbimazole.

3-4 weeks later (and still feeling awful) my bloods showed my T4 dropped to 42.

At this point I had a widespread allergic reaction (hives all over my body) and ended in A&E! I was told to continue medication at 40mg, but to take piriton.

At this point I had had enough, and decided to do some research.

I dropped my medication to 20mg and began taking whole food supplements at high doses. Within 10days my T4 had dropped to 22!!

I dropped the Carbimazole to 10mg, repeat blood test 2 weeks later showed T4 at 14.

I dropped again to 5mg, and T4 climbed to 19 and stabilised.

I must add that I did this under no supervision except my own (I am NOT recommending this to anyone). However, I had been waiting for my first Endocrinologist appointment for 13 weeks, and they would NOT see me before, so just had enough.

So, when I arrived at my 1st appt, the consultant was gobsmacked! I was on 5mg (plus my alternative measures) and controlled thanks to myself. She was happy for me I might add, and told me I had done a great job!

I continued Carbimazole until Xmas, when I decided to try and come off. I did... And I have been stable the last 2 months (with TSH starting to slowly creep up) taking my supplements and herbs. I have not yet even had my 2nd Endo appt!! That will be interesting!

There is light at the end of the tunnel! Hopefully this will give someone some hope, the first days of diagnosis are HORRIBLE!

I must add, I was already gluten free BUT I quit sugar (except occasional dark choc), NO dairy, lots of sleep, no stress (well as little as possible!), no alcohol except bass of prossecco on special occasions. I juiced goitrogenic veg a few times per week. I took high quality whole food supplements (no synthetic rubbish, with fillers etc) and since coming off Carbimazole at Christmas, I took Chinese herbs rebalance my Liver and Spleen.

Hoping this may encourage people, you CAN get better!!

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wildpoppy How nice to hear a good news story :) Long may it continue!

I'm always advocating quality supplements and rubbishing the cheapy ones! Would you mind sharing what brands you've been using, I'm always on the lookout :)

Hi there SeasideSusie

Yes, of course... I did mean to list! But must've gotten carried away with my story!

I use a company called Innate Response (in US) and are high quality FOOD supplement, no chance of overdosing or damaging yourself!.... I take high dose Selenium, also Vit D3, Chromium, Iron Response. Then I also take Magnesium (relaxant) MegaFoods.

I take Chinese Herbs by Radiant Wonder in US also, for my Hyper....

All the best x

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to wildpoppy

Thank you wildpoppy We can get Innate Response supplements here in the UK, Amazon have some so I shall pop along and see what they have. Always good to get recommendations :)

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