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Day 2 of NDT Naturethroid - not feeling good

Hi everyone,

I posted yesterday about my first dose of NDT, this morning I woke up with an awful headache and a painful neck. Should I persevere today or as suggested by someone yesterday should I miss today's dose and take a lower dose tomorrow?

Anybody else's experience of taking NDT would be much appreciated


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How much Levothyroxine were you taking?

Usual advice is to reduce Levothyroxine dose by 75mcg and introduce 1 grain NDT and then reduce Levothyroxine by 37.5mcg and increase NDT by 1/2 grain two weeks later and repeat 2 weeks later.


there was a transition period of 2 mths b4 I felt balanced bec my body was not used to getting the t3 In ndt and I had to split the dosage or I would get a head rush....after 2-3 mths I could take the dose all at once....and I am fine taking it.....I went from 100 t4 to 1.5 ndt


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