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How long do the symptoms last

I have recently been diagnosed with auto immune thyroids and also hyperparathyriod I am due to have a nuclear scan on Tuesday and will see the endocrinologist on Wednesday I just wanted to tell someone who knows how bad this problem makes you feel. I am in constant pain, tired all the time and too emotional.how long does it take to start feeling better I'm on 100mg of levo at present

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Well 100mg is not a large dose if you so likely you are undermedicated for a start but I'm not too sure about meds with hyperparathyroidism so wait to hear from others on that, the endo will hopefully be able to advise you. Talk to the endo about T3 or NDT (Natural Dessicated Thyroid) as Dr won't prescribe but endo will and its sooo much better than T4 (Levo) alone. Very often we don't convert the T4 to T3 very well and the T3 is what we need!! Cholesterol will rise without it. Mine was so high until I started on NDT and has come down quickly.

What are your blood results? If you get a copy and post on here we will be able to give you better advice. If you haven't already then you need tested;

THS, T4, T3, RT3, Folate,feretin, Vit D, B12 as you are likely to be low in some of these vitamins and we need all to be at top of levels to feel well!

Hashimotos Thyroditis on the other hand I do know about. So it is autoimmune you will have thyroid antibodies. The immune system attacks your thyroid.

Gluten and casein in milk look like the thyroid to the body as have a very similar molecular shape (molecular minmickry) so you will find you have less inflammation and other symptoms if you are gluten and milk free. Almond milk is a great alternative. So many of us struggle with it here and I'm afraid to say it won't just go away. Sadly! Epstein Barr, h pylori etc... Have been found to be present in Hashimotos patients so also good to check while they are on the case. It's a battle to get antibodies down and one we are all on together here to find our own root causes.

Research leaky gut.

Chris Kresser website

Dr Datis Khazzarian books are brilliant.

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Thanks so much for your advice it helps to know I have others to support me only someone who lives in the same body knows how it feels just had latest bloods so will post when I have them x


Yes it's crap! Very difficult when those around us don't get it. I'd like to give them a day in our bodies, then we'd see who was complaining!

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I am sorry you are so unwell and I think you will be feeling some trepidation about the scan etc.

Someone who has similar condition to you will respond when they read your post.

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I had hyperparathyroidism, you have four parathyroids and usually one will be bad driving up your calcium levels. This will cause a lot of urination as the body tries to rid itself of the extra calcium. Go to parathyroid.com to learn more about it. They took out two of my paras, you only need one. They also took out all my thyroid, witch they said was large and knotty, although it was working ok. The parathyroids are very small and behind the thyroid. Too much calcium can cause a lot of problems, so read up on it.

I now take 150mg of levo, and 10mg of lio or t3. I am doing well on that dosage, took awhile to get there though. I take all my thyroid meds in the morning and take a calcium supplement after dinner. Calcium or iron need to be separated from thyroid meds by 4 hrs and coffee by one hr. Parathyroid.com is an execellent site, helped me a lot. Good luck!


Thank you so much it's nice talking to someone who knows what it's like


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