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Does diet improve Hypo symptoms?

Hi, I've posted before about Thyroid S I've been taking for nearly a year, not improving my hypothyroidism. I wonder if I have ME, but I am aware that it's difficult to diagnose.. I take lots of vitamin supplements A - D, and also selenium. I'm not a scientist, so I don't understand a huge amount.. There's a few websites saying that diet is crucial, one - Tom Brimeyer's says that being hypothyroid, effects liver function which is from scientific research. Has anyone changed their diet and found it useful? I try to be sugar, gluten and dairy free, but last night I had some cake at a celebration, and felt really rubbish afterwards..

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The thing about ME is that as I understand it is that it's what's left after they exclude everything else. I think this is how we get on the ME/CFS/depression roundabout. There are flavour of the month explanations for why we feel so rubbish but what they have in common is that there is no clinical way to prove they exist, except to rule out everything else. (I'm not saying that the underlying problems don't exist, I'm just saying the methods haven't really got there and that doctors aren't really invested in solving these problems or maybe they feel they are unsolvable.)

Some people (Dr Myhill is one I believe) advocate a version of the paleo diet which is meant to be good for those w autoimmune disease. Some people try avoiding gluten, dairy, nightshades. I think it is a matter of giving it a go and seeing if it makes you feel any better.

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