Dr Malcom Kendrick - What causes heart disease part XXVI [Hold the front page]

Dr Malcom Kendrick has added a [Hold the front page] bit to his latest blog What causes heart disease part XXVI

For anyone interested, I urge you to visit his page - below is just a flavour. It is only fair that he can see the hits on his site.

On February the 12th he [Professor Salim Yusuf] gave a presentation at a cardiology conference in Davos, Switzerland which can be seen on YouTube. In this presentation, he makes the following points:

Saturated fat does raise LDL, a bit, but has no effect on CVD – maybe slightly beneficial. Monounsaturated fats are slightly beneficial. Polyunsaturated fats are neutral.

Carbohydrate intake is most closely associated with CVD

Fruit and vegetable intake has little or no impact on CVD – nor does fish intake [He wonders where the five portions of fruit and vegetable intake recommendations actually came from]. Vegetables in particular have no benefit.

Legumes – beans and suchlike – are beneficial.

The recommendations on salt intake are completely wrong, and set far too low. For those who do not have high blood pressure, low salt intake increase mortality. On the other hand, high salt intake does no harm.

He recommends higher potassium intake.

He criticizes Ancel Keys and lauds Nina Teicholz [Author of big fat surprise].


Now that he has finished sorting out heart disease, perhaps he will be able to turn his full attention to thyroid (as rumoured... :-) )

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  • Quite brilliant and I'll read it shortly. No beating about the bush on his blogs and plain speaking, so that those of us who are medically illiterate can understand.

    Imagine that, low salt is bad, decent dose is good! Imagine the makers of 'low fat' 'low salt' etc.

    He is indeed a Knight in White Armour if he takes on the farcical guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and restoration of thyroid hormones by the Associations.

  • Zoe Harcombe could tell him where 5 a day came from: zoeharcombe.com/2014/04/the...

    Thanks for the link, helvella :)

  • Surely fruit & vegetables are a source of potassium?

    I certainly feel better for eating lots, & not just my digestion!

  • Yep.

    Anyway I've read different sources that basically state you should limit fruit but eat plenty of veg as part of your meals.

  • An interesting read.

  • I have been following his blogs for a couple of years now and he never fails to inform (and amuse!) I get them delivered directly to my inbox. Thanks to him I got my husband off statins which were doing him more harm than good!

  • Thanks for posting. The presentation is worth watching, particularly easy to follow.

    Mary Mary

  • Great man. I have read his reports on Spacedoc blog, poor Duane Graveline space scientist probably died due to Statins if you read his story. Big Pharma is ruining the world and our health.

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