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yet another endo appointment

didnt even see a proper endo today, i have kids older than the woman i saw, she was fine that i ignored the last one and continued with meds, never heard of thiroyd but said to carry on with it of i felt ok on it, she blames the T3 for my fast heart rate and suggested i try levothyroxine again until i told her i suffered worse on that than i do on T3, blood pressure was a bit high but i was stressed at having a wasted hour up there

so still no wiser as apparently m levels are good (3.57) i told her they needed to be better

on a good note i have a blood form with TSH, FT3 and FT4 (they dont normally check FT3

back in 6 months

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Hi Mandy. What's the 3.57? Tsh? My gp says my heart rate is fast (not resting but after I've waited for my appt and am then nervous about what she might want to do to my meds) because of t3, even though my levels are not high.

When you go for the bloods ask them to write on the form that you are taking t3 so the lab will do the test. If you're taking it they really should test it.


our g.p. ALWAYS checks on what tests the lab carries out AND if they don't do them all he contacts them directly to order them to , because he pays for all the tests through his funding , they then do them within hours ..... just make sure that your endo [ maybe via their secretary ] or g.p. is on top of it ...... and always request a hard copy of ALL TEST RESULTS -- they cannot be refused -- you would be surprised with the reaction from your next endo visit when you have the current medical information to hand ...... we always have a full blood draw a week before an appointment so it is current and shows any ups or downs that may need adjusting ...... hope that this helps ......alan xx


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