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Hi everyone I'm new to this forum not sure you can help but here goes. After a blood test to see if kidney function was ok (it is) they have found I have low calcium and I am anemic I eat a healthy diet. I've been suffering from cramps and twitching in my hands but not all the time. I've now got to go for more bloods that the GP said would take about 3 weeks to come through as they are more unusual. bit d and bit b12 I've heard of but PTH,ferritin and serum folate I'm at a loss. Has anyone and ideas thanks

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The pth is a parathyroid test. This is quite unusual and there is some special protocol for the test if I remember correctly. The others are good to know. Ferritin is stored iron, folate is a b vitamin (b9).

Would you come back and post the results here (w lab ranges)?



Twitching is known as tetany, a condition marked by intermittent muscular spasms, caused by malfunction of the parathyroid glands and a consequent deficiency of calcium. Low calcium may also cause numbness and tingling around the mouth and nose and in the fingers and toes.

PTH is parathyroid hormone. This is a time sensitive test so is usually done in the hospital phlebotomy dept. so it can quickly be despatched to the lab for analysis.

Ferritin is stored iron. Low ferritin can indicate iron anaemia. A full iron panel may be ordered if ferritin is deficient.

Folate is B9. B12 and B9 (folate) are co-dependent and work together so it is usual to test B12 and folate at the same time.


Thank you


PTH should naturally increase if you have low vitamin D to keep bone density & calcium levels good

There are drugs that lower PTH.

Quote from website below

"Drugs that may decrease PTH include cimetidine and propranolol"


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