Ct scan for goitre

Hi,I'm new to this forum and would appreciate some advice.I need a ct scan on my goitre and it seems I must have a contrast dye injected.This concerns me as I have allergic rhinitis,hay fever,can't taste or smell much and am allergic to penicillin and some foods!My question is ,do I have to have the dye and if I refuse it will they still be able to scan me?I don't want to waste either time nor resources if they can't.Thanks for your help.


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  • I think you should tell them about your allergies, and allow them to decide. They are usually very concerned about any allergies, so as to avoid problems.

  • Thankyou grey goose I will do that.

  • You're welcome. :)

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    Tip from Marz

  • Thank you Marx I appreciate your tip.

  • Sorry should read Marz!

  • Hi Jean I had this done just before Christmas it's fine so don't worry in and out within 20 mins you don't feel anything trust me they injecti through your arm then you have to sit and wait whilst it goes through your system - the only thing that bothered me was my neck as I've cervical spondylitis and my neck was stiff as was my back once I got up off the bed as you have to lie still whilst they take the scan. They can't do the scan without the dye I'm afraid hun. Hope it goes well for you let's know how you get on. Take care 😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗

  • Hi Toolie thanks for the reassurance,did you have a scan on a goitre if you dont mind me asking?I really do appreciate all the help and support from everyone and feel more confident in dealing with the situation?I''ll certainly let you know how things go.Thanks again,jean🙂

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